17 Apr 2015


theodora ofosuhima photography siblings love IMG_4499

theodora ofosuhima photography his smile IMG_4507

theodora ofosuhima photography toddler fashion IMG_4585

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI and TOI: week 14 the two are such a team. One start a mischief and the other joins in, normally is the little one to start that mischief, like pouring water all over the coffee table and then decided to drink from there.

TOI: this is the face he makes after he achieves his goal of mischief.

AOI: all dressed by herself, I love her sense of fashion.


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16 Apr 2015


theodoroa ofosuhima photography sunset IMG_4380

The house is all quiet right now at 7:48pm, the kids are in the pack with daddy and my thoughts seem to be flowing more freely. I sit in  my office with the golden sunset evading my sanctuary.

I miss blogging like I used to do in the old days. I miss going to visit my fellow bloggers on a daily basis and them coming to visit me on a daily basis, but right now I don’t seem to find the balance to achieve all. I have interesting things happening, like my novel coming out soon, my photography picking up a pace, all wonderful things that I would love to write about but I never know where to begin. That can wait because I’m cherishing the lovely little things.

Today we all had a nap around 12:50pm. After a milk spill from a toddler and a baby throwing himself on the floor I put them in the stroller for a walk. Five minutes later I got back from the walk with two sleeping children. I lay both kids in their respective bed and I laid down on my bed. As sleep pulled me into it arms, responsibility made me think I was hearing a toddler out of her room and a dog outside was barking. Still I fell asleep, because the sleep was so sweet.

I couldn’t believe how much I’ve slept when I woke up at TOI cries in his crib. I picked him up to lie him next to me for a feed. We all fell until I told sleep that I had enough of the sweet embrace. I woke at 2:30pm. I went downstairs to tidy up, then I went to pick my sleepy girl from her bed because a toddler who sleeps past two hours in the afternoon will make evening a great epic. 

Now they’re back so off to start bedtime routine.

12 Apr 2015


theodora ofosuhima photography child climbing IMG_4289

theodora ofosuhima photography toddler balnce IMG_4159

theodora ofosuhima photography toddler baby toes IMG_4134

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

TOI: week 14 my little boy decided to start climbing all the way unto the top of the dining table.

AOI: this particular moment was capture on a Tuesday afternoon, during a lovely warm playtime in the garden she stood onto of her bicycle and called her friend to look at her. I grabbed my camera to snap a picture but it was too late. I waited until she did it again and I was quick enough to capture the moment. My brave little girl.

AOI and TOI: I haven’t shared a picture of the them sleeping in awhile, so here are their tiny toes. Toddler’s dirty feet show sign of warm weather.


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