11 Nov 2017


Long time no see, well so much as happened that I could film pages upon pages for a movie script, but that can wait because I'm here to just share something exciting.

As I write this I'm watching the Chinese tv drama Empresses in the Palace, the 5th episode. It's set in the majestic Forbidden City, it's a taste to what I'm going to enjoy come Wednesday. 

I'm excited for the adventure my family and I are going to embark on in one of the Asian countries I've always wished to visit. 

It's a blessing to be able to join my husband on some of his work trips. This one was on my list but we initially agree that maybe the children and I shouldn't go. But God being faithful to His promises made a way. So I'm over excited.

I have a list of places to explore, one on the top is the location of one of my favourite Chinese movies Laterne Rosse (Raise the Red Lanterns). The mansion is in Pingyao, some hours away from Beijing so I'm not going to make a fuss if we can't make it there. I will be more than happy to explore the Forbidden City and allow my imagination to play a character from a story.

The children are excited to explore the Great Wall and hubby would love to go see the Terracotta display but it's in a similar distance from the mansion I would love to visit so maybe it will be deemed to distance for an overnight visit. Also we are going to be there for only one weekend so we don't have to over stress ourselves to see and do everything in China. I trust this will become a regular destination one day.

In the meantime, there are suitcases to fill up with warm clothes, first aid kits to prepare and money to sort out. So, our weekend will look something similar to these photos below.

10 Jul 2017




Day 0 July 3rd

We packed the remaining things that I wanted to bring on this journey to make it an easy transition as possible. I managed to squeeze as much as my heart desired.

The children played by the garage for some time. I observed them from the window. Filled with nostalgia I went outside to capture the moment, knowing too well that  because the spot that will fill most of their summer childhood memories will be no more than a deserted play area. Filling buckets of sand, getting water from the house to water the wildness that is our raised vegetable garden. I took a deep breath and relaxed into the idea of new memories made by the sea at grandparents house on by the sea.

Yet, I thought about the tide of the sea coming and going for them to have a combination of water and sand to play in. But all that thought went away because just twenty minutes before the taxi arrived their got themselves wet from the water I told them not to play with. So I had to rush to change them again, but all was well. We got to the airport perfectly on time.

Day 1 July 4th
We arrived at Gatwick airport, the children didn't find it difficult to wake up. They were bright and ready to get out of the aircraft. Our luggages arrived on time. We found Granddad and auntie waiting for us. The children didn't play shy and promptly held onto Granddad's hand.

Day 2 July 5th
We rolled out from bed onto the dining table because the children woke up in the middle of the night. Little girl drank some water and went back straight to be but little boy wanted to go back to his beloved Canada. It was quiet funny because the night before he was saying he doesn't want to go back home.

Day 3 July 6th
The children woke up before me around 5:30am. It felt like they were getting back to their normal waking hours. We played in the water, went to the local park and play some more in the water. In the evening we took the dog for a walk and the children loved it because they just love having a dog. They are always cuddling it. Anyways the house was beautiful with some many new things. This town is striving.

Day 4 July 7th
This was the day I lost my water shoes in the mud (picture above), because I was trying to be adventurous to find a short cut to the house. We walked to a point and I just got stuck so either was me in the mud all over or give up the shoes. Little boy was sad that I lost my shoes but I told him it was important that I was safe. We to wash our feet straight as we walked into the house. The children baked some cookies with Grandma before lunch. After lunch when the sun was less hot I took the children out on the beach for a quick exploration. Once the girl next door came back from school (in UK schools don't close until the end of July), AOI went to put he swimsuit on to play in the high tide.

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