6 Oct 2016


So today we woke to snow everywhere. Yesterday I made a mental note to go cut my sunflowers for the house but by the time I was done with all my duties it was too late.

So as soon as I got out of the house, snapped some photos of the children eating snow. I took them to school. TOI stayed in preschool all by himself, I didn't stay to help him out or remind him for going to the potty. He was happy, he didn't cry. I was the one having cold feet about leaving.

When I came home I went to organize the yard where the children spend most time playing this summer. I then took upon myself to get all the sunflowers that were on the floor due to the heavy snow on them. I managed to get all the survival ones. I had a moment of fun taking few shots in the snow.

Having both children in school for two and half hours made my mind realize I'll be able to do things, edit photos and write stories. Not having a constant mummy all we care about is our children  brain.

4 Oct 2016


"It's christmas time." My daughter said getting so excited.
"Not quite, but it's getting into winter."

Today we had our first snow day. It was a snow shower because it's that kind of snow that doesn't stay. It's more of rain. But we will mark it as the first day winter made a proper appearance and the children were excited to go outside and try to catch snow flakes on their tongue.

29 Sep 2016


Summer is officially over but today I want to #throwback to one of my happy places in Saskatchewan: Lake Diefenbaker. From the moment I visited it back in 2012 I knew that it was the place I wanted my family to make beautiful memories.

Its 225km long with about 800km shoreline. A reservoir and bifurcation lake in Southern Saskatchewan, formed by the construction of Gardiner Dam and Qu'Appelle River Dam. The contruction began in 1959 an the lake was filled in 1967. The lake is beautiful with water that I can claim looks like Caribbean ocean {I have a wild imagination so if you go there and it's nothing like that then you know}.

There are so many deserted shorelines and each time I find myself imaging living on my own little private island. Few people seem to know it. Sometime people that have lived here most of their life don't even know it. Even in the hottest days the shorelines closest to the dam is pretty much deserted. 
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