30 Jan 2015

San Francisco Travelogue: Tantrum

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7278

On Tuesday 16th Dec, after we’ve had dinner at Crepes on Cole, I looked over the street and saw a vintage sign that read TANTRUM. In front of it there were three chair red, blue and white. What first caught my eyes was the name. I thought to myself that’s cool, a shop where children can have a bit of tantrum because they want a beautiful toy which I would be happy to buy. I really loved it on the spot. We went into the shop to browse, I didn’t have my big camera with me. I promised myself to go back and ask the owner to capture some photos. Time was getting out of hands so the last night of our stay in San Francisco, I went there to look for a gift for the kids.

I was so shy and was about to give up the idea of asking the shop assistant to snap some photos. Then I personified my fear and put it on a van and sent it off to another land. I went to the first shop assistant and I babbled to her about blog and how I wanted to capture some pictures of this creative shop to feature it on there. She smiled and agreed.

As I was capturing the photos with customers pouring into the shop, I smiled within myself because it would have been a pity if I didn’t overcome my fear and asked to photograph TANTRUM to showcase it on my blog.

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7427

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7455

TANTRUM is located in my favourite San Francisco’s wonderful neighbourhood, Cole Valley. TANTRUM was opened in June of 2012 by Amanda a beautiful and sweet lady. As you step into the shop it feels like you’re entering a childhood dreamland. French romantic toys, dress up pieces, swan, bunny and mushroom lamps, classic wooden and soft toys, housewares, arts and crafts supply, vintage classic story and picture books…

What can I say?

TANTRUM is a unique and amazing space filled with magic, nostalgia and marvelousness!

Whilst there I found Toby, a classic wooden dog toy for my sweet TOI’s first birthday gift. Then AMI went there and found this cute tiny TV toy for AOI. I remember this toy from my childhood

theodora ofosuhima

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7425

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7426

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7431

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7433

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theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7456

If you live in San Francisco or travelling there don’t miss the opportunity to visit TANTRUM. You can also shop on their online shop.

29 Jan 2015

12 Months + 14 Days: I Love You

theodora ofosuhima toi week 52 IMG_8775

Dear TOI,
two Thursdays ago we celebrated 12 months since your birth. It feels like yesterday when your slippery body made his debut, I still see you as my tiny baby though you’re growing with a speed I can’t wrap my head around yet. I love you so deeply and that happened the moment I set my eyes on your sweet face. Since that moment I'm in love each day even when you are frustrated and slap or don't want to sleep unless I hold you on my tired shoulders. It’s so true that a woman’s heart grows a bit bigger with each child she gives birth to because I have so much love for both you and your sister. You two are my whole world and I really want to give you the best I can offer as a person and as a mother.

I love everything thing about you your faces, your hands, your voice, your strength, your mind… Oh, and I love your personality, so stubborn. The way you hold my neck when you cuddle me tight. The way you belly laugh. I laugh when I see you, and smile more from the blessing I feel when you waddle your tiny self up and down the house while following your sister. You are such a busy body. Sometimes you try to sneak past me because you are trying your best to hide something you know you can't have. You love trying to hide things behind the fridge. One thing that makes me smile is when you go under the kitchen table and start picking the food there. In those occasions you laugh, then I can't resist your belly laugh. Gosh, I love those moments. I pray you always keep your sense of humour. You like to lift things up. I love to watch you discovering your surroundings and I think you’re able to lift only things your strength allows you to. You like to brush your teeth.

theodora ofosuhima toi brush teeth IMG_6371

I love how you are kind to other children. I’ve noticed how you are able to share your toys with other children. You don’t pull things out of other children’s hands, maybe you are still young to do that. You like to play with your sister so much, you cuddle her and want to copy her. You know how to follow her upstairs. Sometimes you go up then call “Maaamama”, in your sweet baby voice. Lately when AOI’s best friend comes over you all three play together beautifully. I beam to see you all having fun.

theodora ofosuhima siblings week 2 IMG_0033

I don’t like it when you go through the kitchen drawers and empty half of its content onto the floor. That’s such a work load for both, I look at it as your dedicated way of helping me stay active. Another thing you do when you are in your mischievous state is taking clothes out of the draws in the bedroom or laundry bin. Taking books off the shelf.

You are scared of the sound of the vacuum cleaner just like your sister used to at your age. You like to pretend brushing the floor. She is not keen on the sound still but doesn’t run away like she used to, which you are still doing. Throughout the day you are busy, playing or keeping me on my toes. you cool down only when you are soundly asleep in the night. You still haven’t mastered the art of sleeping through the night.

theodora ofosuhima sleeping baby IMG_9997

I love watching you sleep, when you manage to take afternoon naps. Being a mum of two is a hard work, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing a good job but your big smiles and your warm cuddles are the best prize. You’re my fun lovely son. I LOVE YOU so much, I pray you’ll always love me too.

Always mummy

theodora ofosuhima IMG_7564

28 Jan 2015

San Francisco Travelogue: Cole Valley

theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7305

The loudest word that springs up in mind when I think about Cole Valley is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!…

"Community" is the operative word in this thin slice of San Francisco real estate, bordered on the west by Stanyan Street and the Sutro Forest, on the south by Tank Hill and on the east by Clayton Street. Residents are largely families and young professionals, though there is no trace of the snootiness that has affected other parts of the city. Most of the businesses in Cole Valley are of the mom-and-pop variety, in lieu of chain stores or franchises, and shop owners are outwardly supportive of each other.

Food and coffee are the specialties in Cole Valley. In the three-block commercial strip along Cole Street and part of Carl Street, there are more than a dozen restaurants and cafés, some of which draw visitors from around the Bay Area. EOS, for instance, is considered one of the city's top dining spots, while Zazie is a magnet for locals on weekends for brunch. For historians and old-timers, traces of Cole Valley's past are still visible. Above the Crepes on Cole awning, along the Carl Street side, remains the old sign for the Other Café, a comedy spot where Robin Williams and Dana Carvey performed before they hit the big time. Even more historic are the photos in the Kezar Bar and Restaurant dating from the early 1900s, when the region was home to dairy farms. {via SFGATE}

I believe it was during an afternoon walk that I ended up in Cole Valley. I walked from our apartment on Clayton Street turned left towards the hill. I then turned off Carl Street and there it was, a beautiful place that took my heart by storm.

I didn’t know it name until the last Saturday in San Francisco when I went for a walk in the morning and ended talking to a nice local. He told me about the September Fair, and place comes alive even more during that time.

Cole Valley is tucked away few blocks from hectic Haight Street. It’s a community and you can tell the moment you end up there. I was more than happy to keep going there for just the most silliest thing, like going to walk up and down the street or buy a bottle of milk. One Tuesday we took the N Judah Muni Metro light rail at the intersection of Carl and Cole Streets, Sunset Tunnel to the center. When we got back in the evening we went out for dinner. We choose Crepes on Cole, because I love crepes. The portion was excellent and fed myself to my satisfaction.

It was during this evening outing that I saw Tantrum, {a whimsical children store which I’m going to feature soon on my blog}.

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7277

From Cole Valley you can easily get to the hill’s summit for the panoramic view of San Francisco but I didn’t have the chance to do that. The neighbourhood is home to a mix of young professionals and hip families. Also it was popular with dot-commers during the late 1990s. During my nine o’clock morning walk on that Saturday, before we left San Francisco, I saw Zazie packed with locals and I wanted so much to mingle with them. With the fog stretching away down the valley, there was a sense of magic in the air.

I’ve always loved San Francisco for some reasons I can’t explain yet, now that I’ve found the neighbourhood for me, I know where it was meant to be.

I was so tempted to take I can’t believe I don’t have better photos than these one, well it will be my aim to capture better photographs during our next trip.

I left my heart in Cole Valley.

theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7286

theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7295

theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7298

theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7289theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7294

theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7299theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7287

theodora ofosuhima cole valley IMG_7303

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