29 Oct 2014

AOI Says

sis and broOne afternoon while we’re enjoying some time in the living room. My sweet, funny toddler asks

“Where did we buy this boy from?” she is such a comedian, always wanting me to smile even when she doesn’t mean to.

So I smiled, and although I already knew the answer I asked “Which boy?”

“That boy. T.” she said indicating her little brother.

“Well, we didn’t buy him. He grew up in my belly. Like you did.”

“Like I did and this lovely bone grew in your belly.” she said referring to her left petite hand.

“Yes, just like your lovely bone.” Gosh, I love her so much. She is so wise beyond her 35 months young age.

27 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: Week 43

saskatchewan sky

Week 43 gave us many beautiful hues of Saskatchewan sunrise and sunset. I always feel like I’m about to choke with all that beauty in the sky.

Anyhow, the remaining weeks of 2014 are sliding away quickly. Only nine weeks before the end of the year. The weather was awesome the whole week. The temperature on Monday was more than some temperatures in summer. In the morning AOI told me she was feeling well and she wanted to go to preschool. I picked her two and half hours later. She was so tired she fell asleep straight away in the car. When she woke up from nap her body temperature was high so I went to buy her Tylenol, after drinking that she was back to her normal chatty ways.

The rest of the week I was a bit tired than usual. I haven’t been to the gym and I’m eating very badly so maybe that’s why I’ve been tired and also I produce more milk in the night so my body doesn’t rest enough. I tried to go to bed early and on Saturday I was sleeping before 9pm, as soon as the kids fell asleep I went to bed.

We also started trying to wean nap time for toddler girl.

I can be as tired as hell but when I have my camera in my hands I find the energy to snap our mundane life

IMG_3946 theodora ofosuhimalife eating chocolate ice cream inside while outside is autumn

IMG_3957 theodora ofosuhimalike toddler showing off her fashion sense

IMG_3983 theodora ofosuhimaIMG_3984 theodora ofosuhimaor taking a toy train away from baby brother

IMG_3999 theodora ofosuhimababy happily drinking water from a mug

IMG_3950 theodora ofosuhimalike staring into those eyes and cute precious face that wobble my knees


AOI week 33aoi and toi chillingtoi week 33"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI: raspberry picking or more appropriately raspberry eating because little girl couldn’t resist putting the raspberries in the container for later, she ate more than picking.

AOI and TOI: resisting together after picking the raspberries.

TOI: just being his usual charming boy and playing with a toy with a big grin

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