13 Dec 2014

Our Everyday Life: Winter Wonderland


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The wonderfulness of living in a real frozen city. I love this picture of my daughter so much.

On the Saturday of week 49 we woke up a winter frosty trees. To me it felt like a real frozen kingdom. Saskatchewan it really a pretty place in winter, especially during the moment of white frosty trees and thick snow flakes if you’re inside sipping a warm coco.

Monday afternoon I had my friend's daughter for the afternoon, when it was the moment to go my wise and sweet daughter said to her friend's mother "We will take care of her" my heart swell to such words.

Planning for our trip to San Fran and a day in London. I got so excited. Wednesday I saw a light at the end regarding napless toddler afternoons. The living room floor was covered with toys (thanks also to little brother), but she played with the toys and that makes me more than happy to tidy.

I was the helping hand and my daughter did show and tell . She took two of her favourite books and told the whole class about daddy reading them to her before bed and then she sleeps and then wakes up and goes to sleep in mummy and daddy's bed and daddy wakes up to prepare her breakfast and then mummy wakes up later and goes to have breakfast too and she is happy. I was so happy to hear her talk. Her memory and the way she narrates events are incredible.

On Friday TOI started to be less scared to stand without support for a second. 

Saturday fun time in the snow. The trees were all covered in frost. It looked like a winter wonderland. It was fun, fun, fun time. Baby boy wasn’t happy about it but in the end he fell asleep in one of the sled which daddy pulled along while he cross-country skied by the river.

AOI wouldn’t stop eating the snow, I was worried that she would eat snow that has been contaminated by a dog or some other things. After sledding and rolling in the snow we went to a friend’s book launch and I was the official photographer. I was full of nerves. But I got some nice shots for websites.

Sunday we went to church and for the first time I took the courage to tell a guy who gives cookies to AOI without asking my permission to ask me next time. I was nice but firm so he he didn’t take it bad. I was so happy to have finally voiced my mind regarding him giving cookies to my daughter without asking my permission first. It felt like I was give closure to 2014. I didn’t want to start a new year with too many thoughts in mind.

Well, I’ll leave this entry with more shots from our snow fun activity on Saturday morning.







3 Dec 2014

One Finger

This was written on July 29th, 2014 but never went live

theodora ofosuhima toddler writer

“I have one finger.” she said, matter of fact, one summer late morning during snack at the tender age of 2.5years.

“Do you want to know why?” I asked her this time, though I didn’t know what I was going to tell her.

“Yes…” she said but she was already busy playing with her pretend Bo on the Go bracelets.

“Because when you were in mummy’s belly something prevented your hand from growing.” I quickly found something to say but she lost interest soon after she said yes. I didn’t push on, because really which child of 2.5 years cares about how/what something happened to them when they were in their mummy’s belly.

I’m of the philosophy that kids should be allowed to go by in life through their own eyes and not through their parents eyes. They see things differently from us.

We, as parents of AOI, know that she has some fingers missing, she does know too. She doesn’t care what happened. All she cares is singing “Bo on the go, Bo on the go-oooo?” and learning Bo’s bad dancing moves.

Or more likely, running wild and free in the house of somewhere in the open air.

theodora ofosuhima running toddler kite

1 Dec 2014

Our Everyday Life: The Candle of Hope

theodora ofosuhima toi at the museum

Maybe it's due to the month but November was hectic over here.
Week 48 we had to run against time. On Monday I thought I had time on my side but by Wednesday I was feeling like a cat on ice, i couldn’t keep my balancing act together.

Well, Sunday marked the beginning of advent and the first candle that we burn is of hope so, I hope to learn to keep my life well balanced.

I realised that stopping AOI from napping affects me too, but when she naps bedtime routine becomes an epic conquest, plus she sleeps the same amount of time (meaning if she sleeps at 10pm she works up at the same time around 6-6:30am as if she sleeps at 8pm).
So up to Wednesday I didn't let her nap. On Monday she slept in car on our way home from an afternoon photoshoot I did. It was 6pm so we didn’t let her stay awake. She woke up three hours later but she went back to sleep within half an hour.

theodora ofosuhima snow angel

But Wednesday, after a lovely afternoon ice skating on the ice rink some friends have created in their backyard, I didn't let her sleep in the car because it was too late for a nap. I had to stop and get my fingers cold in the snow to rub on her sleepy eyes. I then gave a long episode of Peppa Pig in Italian to watch. That kept her awake until our food shopping trip. In the meantime baby TOI was  napping in the carseat, he woke up as soon as I parked in the parking lot at the supermarket. He was screaming by time I went into the shop. Perspiration became my companion for the next hour. I pushed throw it all, promising myself never to go good shopping alone. For some reason I don't think I'll keep that promise.

I went to pick a photo order that one of my clients ordered. I really love the process of photographing them, helping them choose and then ordering prints for them. It takes more time and effort but that's the service I want to provide.

Saturday morning, I heard the voices of my lovelies in the distance. They had left me under the covers of the bed. I should have followed them but instead my hands pulled the covers up to my chin. I closed my eyes. I was woken by the small voice of my girl playing pretend in the living room, I checked the time. 9:30, my phone read. Three hours since they've been awake. I had my weekend lie in and I felt fresh. I really miss more morning lie ins!

theodora ofosuhima wdm christmas tree

Around half past ten I took the kids, alone {daddy was working on some papers}, to see the Christmas tree display at our local western development museum. Though I’m always struggling when I’m outandabout alone with two kids, that doesn’t stop me from taking them to places, because they are always nice people are willing to help. The case was when one of the ladies whom works at the museum asked me to leave my sleeping boy next to her standing post so that I could take pictures. She looked like a trustworthy person so I left TOI in his carseat next to her as I snapped few pictures. There were Scottish dancers too.

theodora ofosuhima scottish dancel

In the afternoon my church hosted the annual adventivity program - cookie making, horse drawn sleigh riding, craft and tree decoration making, decorating the tree and carol singing. I love the fact that my church does all these Christmassy stuff. Saturday made me want to see and feel more Christmas all around me.

Sunday morning, I was standing in the kitchen cutting bananas into the blender whilst m y children played near my feet. "You look like granny T" I heard AOI say. I was flattered because I could sincerely see myself looking like mother in my morning gown and the fact that my daughter said that made me so proud.

I went to church alone because it was too cold to take the kids.

Few photos from the weekend

theodora ofosuhima church adventivity 2014 horses

theodora ofosuhima church adventivity 2014

theodora ofosuhima church adventivity cookie making

theodora ofosuhima church adventivity horse sleigh ride

theodora ofosuhima church adventivity tree decor 2014

theodora ofosuhima church adventivity
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