31 Jul 2015

10 Years...

Yesterday hubby and I  celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.

It was one of a kind, private and quiet yet very memorable. Hubby planned the everything and he kept surprising me throughout the day. He was just the man I fell in love with fourteen years ago: caring, patient, loving and sweet. We took the whole morning for our family and it felt good to be there in the moment, to talk about our hopes for the future to take a step back and enjoy each other company and watch the kids laugh as they run wild in the Forestry Farm Park.

Thinking about those little moments bring a smile to my heart. We included the children in the celebration because they're the imagine off our love, they feed and grow on our happiness.

 This morning as AMI and I gave each a goodbye kiss, AOI smiled. And I thought she is happy to see mummy and daddy showing affection to each other.

We feel blessed for these ten years together as husband and wife. 

28 Jul 2015

Tuesday Travel: 10 Simple Things To Enjoy In New York City

  • Stay central in a Hotel with amazing views
I went to New York City for the skyscrapers so I needed a good view from my hotel window. I was so lucky and happy when the staff @nychitonmidtown changed my room from a room without a view to another one which has a gorgeous view overlooking Central Park, I floated on cloud nine.

  • Central Park 
Central Park automatically brings to mind the 1967 film A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco (Barefoot In the Park), I used to watch it on repeat when I was growing up in Italy, Rete 4 showed some old movies in the afternoon and this movie was one of my favourite to watch. I didn't venture into the dept of the park but just walking at the entrance was enough to feel the magic of the place.

  • Magnolia Bakery @magnoliabakery
You may find a long queue here but it's worth waiting to try one of their delicious cupcakes

  • Breakfast at Sarabeth's @sarabethsnyc
I had my first breakfast in New York city, with my sister, an old friend of mine and Kimberly @manifesturself, at this chic restaurant where the staff are friendly and patient

  • Ici in Brooklyn @ici_brooklyn
Monique @tipatipa and I had our blogger-meet-up in this fancy French restaurant situated on Dekalb Ave. They serve authentic farm food to you. I had shirred eggs and I'm telling it's a must try brunch next time you're in Fort Greene. 

  • Subway
You experience true NYC if you take the subway once in a while, this how real NewYorkers commute.
  • Lyft Taxi @lyft 
Lyft is an innovative way of getting a taxi in your city conveniently, you just have to download the lyft app unto your phone and you can find the nearest taxi to you in a flash, they then drive to you and take you to your destination. It helped me move from one hotel to the other without getting to stay on the street and wave my hands for a taxi.

  • Yellow Cab
A yellow cab is just part of NYC life. You can try a short ride, it will make you feel like you're in a movie.
  • The Halal Guys street food
The first evening we were in city I wanted something yummy but inexpensive to eat I saw the cart of street meal but don't want to spend too much, try the halal food vendors situated on the south-east corner of 53rd Street and Six Ave in the borough of Manhattan.

  • Feliz
After our brunch at Ici, Monique and I saw this unique shop across the street. We had to go in. Once inside we found a bit of everything, from new baby items, children's toys, beautiful crafted necklaces, something original for your home, and even an old bicycle. The fun part for me was how affordable some things are inside. I bought a pair of SaltWater sandals for only $34USD, I thought it was a bargain.


My overall experience in NYC, after thirteen years absence, was fun, carefree and inspirational. Everyone was so friendly to me. I can't wait to return. 



If you have any other simple things to enjoy in NYC please leave comment :).

26 Jul 2015


AOI and TOI: She is so protective of her brother, they play nice together but then she's the one that snatch thing from him as soon as he takes something that she wants to play with but didn't realize until little brother took it.

AOI: a photo that speaks for itself

TOI: "Mine, mine, mine..." is his favourite word together with no, he's cute even when he puts on mean face and pulls his lips together to make his statement. When it's snacktime he says "Mine..." then reaches his hands up to get the bag of fish. I can't say no easily to him because his tantrums... I  don't want to see them.

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