2 Jul 2015

Your Questions Answered: Part 2


Have you ever visited Ghana with your kids? If not, do you have plans to visit?
So I haven’t been to Ghana with the kiddos yet, but we plan to go there at the beginning of 2016. Little girl is very excited and in her everyday conversations or stories she includes Ghana and Africa.

I mean absolutely no disrespect when I ask if you have ever been mistaken for the nanny when out with your children? It used to happen to a girlfriend of mine when her son was young.

Don’t worry about the question. Canadians are generally very polite people and even if they thought I was the nanny when I’m with the kids they would never approach me and ask that question.

1 Jul 2015

Happy Canada

Today we felt extra Canadians by going to the park to celebrate the birth of Canada as we know it today.

25 Jun 2015

Your Questions Answered: Part 1

Thank you everyone for taking the time to ask me questions. I really enjoyed reading your comments, feedback and questions. Today I want to answer few


Annabelle @littlewrittenwords requested "I would love to know more about your novel, and I would love to read your poetry."

So my novel has been my baby for so long.
There have been times I just felt so scared to talk about it to anyone. Then we moved here and started to work with some amazingly talented writers in residence at our local library. I had the characters in mind but didn't know their lives enough but with practice I just allowed them to talk for themselves and then the story took form about three years ago. Finally after countless editing, rewriting and rewriting, I sent it to an editor to get it into a good shape - English wise. I've always loved the idea of self-publishing so as I was considering that I also considered finding an agent for it so I sent it to some agents. I had a good response but nothing concrete, so due to time and pressing desire to write more of the stories that are running in my mind I opted to self-publish. I'm getting the final-final edit with another writer and with all my heart I want to launch it in September.

This is the current synopsis, I hope that through this little blurb you like it because I do like it a lot

Regarding poetry. I haven't written political poems in a long time. I used to write the a lot but since motherhood embraced me I've been a bit on the soppy side, so I write poems that explore the beauty and tribulation of motherhood. The following poem won me a prize back in day, it's still one of my pre-motherhood favourite poem.

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