27 Sep 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

AOI and TOI: harvesting some of the tomatoes they planted in the spring. She loves tomatoes so much, he just loves to be loud, lol!

AOI: this summer daddy tried paddle board and little girl, as brave as she is, wanted to sit on the board too. I was the only one who fell in the water.

TOI: let's say he loves sand, soil and dirt. This summer he enjoyed all of that

26 Sep 2015


AOI: This week we went to the swimming pool and just like that my daughter started to show me how she can swim underwater. I was so impressed.

TOI: As soon as we got into the canon he was shy at first, but soon he was climbing unto the seat freaking out daddy, lol!

AOI and TOI: "I'll take him to the car." This moment when she offers to help her brother is priceless and I'm glad I was able to document.

25 Sep 2015

Our Everyday Life: Week 2-3 of school year 2015


Today the kids had a nap. The weather was a bliss out there, crunchy autumn leaves, golden summer heat (+27degrees) - all is good.

Last week my book Wasting Away became available to the world, for everyone to read and tell me what they think. I hope with all my hear that the words in that book touches somebody's soul like many books have touched my soul.

If you would like your own copy, I would be delighted. The simplest way is through AMAZON.com here.

So, these lately Thursdays come by and I wonder what I'm suppose to be doing. Thursdays are for TOI and me to go to our local playgroup but two weeks in a row, I drop AOI at preschool and I'm about to go home until I remember our morning activity.

This week my little girl started dance class, she loves it. Saturdays, starting from tomorrow will be family swim time.

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