31 Dec 2009

Goodbye 2009

In a way I'm quite glad 2009 is going. It was too depressing for many of my friends. I wanted to be fit and I managed to start my fitness regime. I'm going keeping it up for a long time now. One best thing that reminds 2009 is me begging this blog. It was a great step because I've been preparing myself for this journey on the plan. I feel good now that the year is coming to a close. But very excited because if tomorrow finds alive, healthy and kicking my plan will be on the full swing. Mama, I am so excite and cannot believe.

xxx T.

30 Dec 2009

Mission Accomplished

I am back to the system. I sincerely thought that I would find it difficult to go back to work but surprisingly I feel okay. I guess I was stressed out for nothing again. Then for me coffee kicked in and my Hubby was still jet lagged by our trip from the USA. Now I am back in my comfort zone where I can be my own queen :)!

This morning when I woke up I had a bad headache but I felt much better only after a soapy bucket shower. Our boiler is boiled down (is damaged) so I had to use the kettle to get my hot water, but, hey, it worked. After having the so-called-shower I felt alive and ready for the world - I didn't have breakfast: bad on me.
On the bus to work I was thinking: "As soon as I get to work I will have a cup of tea." I did exactly that. One thing I have to congratulate myself with is that I went to the library and borrowed the book I wanted to borrow for the good use of my plan. New Pregnancy and birth. From here you can guess what my plans are about :)
Yes, I am MsBabyPlan. And on my 2010 agenda is to get in the swing of things.

xxx T.

29 Dec 2009

Active day: well done to me

The smell of it makes blinds me of delight but it is not good for me. No, Coffee, is not good for me. Since the other day after drinking two cups of milky coffee I'm suffering from insomnia. I went to bed quite late last night, but I still got up before my father-in-law who is often awake before anyone of us. I've always known that caffeine is not good for my system but sometimes try to drink some by making it milky but obviously it doesn't work for me. On my agenda of healthy plan for 2010 is NO COFFEE.

A part from me waking up at six o'clock and networking for nearly the whole day; I congratulate myself because I accomplished one task on my plan. Keep my self fit. At eight o'clock I did my workout on the Wii fit plus. Ah, I must say Wii fit is a must have if you are lazy and you want to come out of that bad routine. It helps you build up your energy level, especially during the gloomy winter days when all you want is to drink hot chocolate whilst in bed. But since my husband insisted on us buying the Wii fit plus my body has improved, I feel toned and fit (I must reveal that that is thanks to also do about 90 minute of human instructor workout).

xxx T.

28 Dec 2009

Goodbye winter holidays, welcome work

Today we are going back to our flat after passing five days Christmas holidays at my in-laws. It's going to be hard to get back to my routine but I will do my best to adjust quickly.
The first thing I need to do for the plans is to go to the library tomorrow for a book about conception. I have to learn about how to prepare for our big step towards our healthy life changing experience. I know I should concentrate on my university assignments - I will start doing them from Sunday 02/01/2010 until 25/01/2010. I must apply myself for those days if I want to do an excellent essays. However during the period I can always dedicate few hours for the plans. However I need to be careful and cover these plans for a while because once people know it, I will feel under pressure and I don't need that at all.

xxx T.

Obession and Madness

I love reading therefore there is no problem in me reading more books about Ps and c.bs. One of my many passions is reading magazine, my Hubby is aware of this obsession. Sometimes I end up buying magazines which I don't even read one article. Obsession and madness! I can't say I'm a conpulsive reader because I dream a lot while I'm in the process of reading and this consumes time. What I can say though is that for the future plans in my adult life I'm going to wast more money in buying P. and b. magazines. This will not be good in the credit crunch period. I will try to be sensible; I will buy not more than couple important magazines.
This is the reason why keeping a blogdiary and doing my PLANs research online will be an advantage.

xxx T.

Ms Musing

Browsing the web is a time consuming activity, especially when you are trying to start a healthy life changing experience. It goes against the plan. Today I woke up quite early due to me drinking two cups of milky coffees yesterday. This is how my days went on: as soon as I woke up I decided to read blogging, but especially about health and baby blogs. I then realise how much I can easily lose myself in the blogger sphere. If I am going to focus on my plan I need to be realistic and manage my time on the blog appropriately. At the present moment my major problem is me wasting precious time browsing the net instead of doing my university assignments.
I need to manage my time properly, first of all I must assign a time dedicated to my blog writing. Because this is going to be my online diary I can easily do that by leaving two or three hours messing around on the internet between my university workload.
I still have three day before I literally note down the plan dates. I have to be free about musing and tasting the web about my baby record blog. These initial posts are not concentrated on the mission, there mainly for me to ramble about my future plans. For this reasons I will keep it short.

xxx T.

27 Dec 2009

The Health

Today I went for a run together with my Honey and my sister-in-law N. You see this is the kind of things I believe will be good for me if I want to have a good P. and b. Planning is essential to achieve these goals.
I wore my asics running shoes which I bought during the sale so there were not so expensive. We went for thirty minute run and we all felt good.
At the moment I'm still at my in-laws soI find it difficult to post my thoughts on this blog because I don't want to be seen as an anti-social, for this reason I write when everyone is in bed. When I am back in my flat I will need few days to go back into my routine and I will also need to finish four essays. All these will take away my passion for blog writing but I will try my best to keep up with the update of my plans.
All I pray for it the Lord to give me strength and good health.

xxx T.

26 Dec 2009


Yesterday is gone and today is nearly over. But hey I have to write something off my mind... They are back on mine and my husband's case. They. Are. My family and his family, especially my mother and my sister-in-law G, because they are the first to breve the topic. As I was saying yesterday I have a PLAN on my mind.
But let's start from:
1. When I woke up this morning I told my honey what my mummy said yesterday when I phoned to wish her Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. She answered: "Mame (a nickname for her daughters), Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year, let's hope that in the new year you will have your degree and a baby... :D, ah!" She was delighted to say those words... And I was pleased to hear those words because I have a plan on my mind for next year... I answered: "Thank you very much and let pray the God for that..."
2. Since the end of the summer I've been thinking about staring adding numbers to our (Hubby and I) young family of two. When is the date? These are the things I would like achieve before:
Degree = I would like to graduate this summer from university with a good grade!
2).I would love to show off my new toned-healthy-sexy body (I've always had a nice body but after my wedding I put on some weight due to bad diet). I've been working out since the end of September. All this was towards MY BABY PLAN.

I want to be a fit yummy mummy. This few words might explain one of the aims of the blog. I want to document my journey towards motherhood by taking care of my health, reading interesting books and enjoying my days with a new life in me. I will get inspiration from other blogs, mother magazines and mother books. Through this blog I will also write about my hopes to describe my anticipations, frustration, wishes and many cravings...

I also hope I will meet some women and mothers who are ready to advise and become my mentor me on this journey if I need to get some help during this journey.

xxx T.

25 Dec 2009


Merry Christmas to everyone...
Why do I start a new blog today? 

This might seem strange but I feel the need to start this one because 2010 is around the corner and I have a PLAN on my mind.
I should not be rude! First thing first: PRESENTATION!
This is for whoever might trod on this blog - I'm a young woman who has been married for five years, five months and some days. Today is not my wedding anniversary but it marks the fifth anniversary when my now husband proposed (with my consent) to marry me (it was his second time asking me, the first was some years before that, but I was too young so I refused ;D).

So, five years ago my husband's Christmas gift for me was an engagement ring which I selected just few months before our winter holidays.
He gave it to me in the privacy of our room while we were celebrating the festivities with his family. I loved that low key approach because if he asked me in from of many people maybe I would've panicked. Over the phone - we were at his family celebrating the holidays - I announced the wonderful news to my family. As a family we tend to be shy in revealing our plans so I guess my younger brother didn't know the news. The first comment he made was "If I was going to propose to a girl I would have invited her family and my family to dinner and then on my knees I would've asked her to marry me in front of the whole family."
"Well if I was that girl maybe I would've said no because I don't like to much attention."
"I guess if you are happy to have the proposal to be secret then is your own choice..."
"I'm quite happy in that way..."
"Good, well merry Christmas to you..."
I was happy because I was going to marry the man I adored and I wanted to have a good summer wedding. From that day onwards I began planning for my big day...

I want to try to recall all the events that led to the big day, but, slowly, I will also reveal the plans I have on my mind for the coming year...
But for the moment MERRY CHRISTMAS....;)

xoxo, T
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