29 Dec 2009

Active day: well done to me

The smell of it makes blinds me of delight but it is not good for me. No, Coffee, is not good for me. Since the other day after drinking two cups of milky coffee I'm suffering from insomnia. I went to bed quite late last night, but I still got up before my father-in-law who is often awake before anyone of us. I've always known that caffeine is not good for my system but sometimes try to drink some by making it milky but obviously it doesn't work for me. On my agenda of healthy plan for 2010 is NO COFFEE.

A part from me waking up at six o'clock and networking for nearly the whole day; I congratulate myself because I accomplished one task on my plan. Keep my self fit. At eight o'clock I did my workout on the Wii fit plus. Ah, I must say Wii fit is a must have if you are lazy and you want to come out of that bad routine. It helps you build up your energy level, especially during the gloomy winter days when all you want is to drink hot chocolate whilst in bed. But since my husband insisted on us buying the Wii fit plus my body has improved, I feel toned and fit (I must reveal that that is thanks to also do about 90 minute of human instructor workout).

xxx T.

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  1. SITS Saturday Sharefest! (a day late!) Good for you for being active - I'm fighting the winter blahs and need to get into shape myself!

    Joanne @ Ready, Set, Craft!


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