26 Dec 2009


Yesterday is gone and today is nearly over. But hey I have to write something off my mind... They are back on mine and my husband's case. They. Are. My family and his family, especially my mother and my sister-in-law G, because they are the first to breve the topic. As I was saying yesterday I have a PLAN on my mind.
But let's start from:
1. When I woke up this morning I told my honey what my mummy said yesterday when I phoned to wish her Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. She answered: "Mame (a nickname for her daughters), Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year, let's hope that in the new year you will have your degree and a baby... :D, ah!" She was delighted to say those words... And I was pleased to hear those words because I have a plan on my mind for next year... I answered: "Thank you very much and let pray the God for that..."
2. Since the end of the summer I've been thinking about staring adding numbers to our (Hubby and I) young family of two. When is the date? These are the things I would like achieve before:
Degree = I would like to graduate this summer from university with a good grade!
2).I would love to show off my new toned-healthy-sexy body (I've always had a nice body but after my wedding I put on some weight due to bad diet). I've been working out since the end of September. All this was towards MY BABY PLAN.

I want to be a fit yummy mummy. This few words might explain one of the aims of the blog. I want to document my journey towards motherhood by taking care of my health, reading interesting books and enjoying my days with a new life in me. I will get inspiration from other blogs, mother magazines and mother books. Through this blog I will also write about my hopes to describe my anticipations, frustration, wishes and many cravings...

I also hope I will meet some women and mothers who are ready to advise and become my mentor me on this journey if I need to get some help during this journey.

xxx T.

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Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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