27 Dec 2009

The Health

Today I went for a run together with my Honey and my sister-in-law N. You see this is the kind of things I believe will be good for me if I want to have a good P. and b. Planning is essential to achieve these goals.
I wore my asics running shoes which I bought during the sale so there were not so expensive. We went for thirty minute run and we all felt good.
At the moment I'm still at my in-laws soI find it difficult to post my thoughts on this blog because I don't want to be seen as an anti-social, for this reason I write when everyone is in bed. When I am back in my flat I will need few days to go back into my routine and I will also need to finish four essays. All these will take away my passion for blog writing but I will try my best to keep up with the update of my plans.
All I pray for it the Lord to give me strength and good health.

xxx T.

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