25 Dec 2009


Merry Christmas to everyone...
Why do I start a new blog today? 

This might seem strange but I feel the need to start this one because 2010 is around the corner and I have a PLAN on my mind.
I should not be rude! First thing first: PRESENTATION!
This is for whoever might trod on this blog - I'm a young woman who has been married for five years, five months and some days. Today is not my wedding anniversary but it marks the fifth anniversary when my now husband proposed (with my consent) to marry me (it was his second time asking me, the first was some years before that, but I was too young so I refused ;D).

So, five years ago my husband's Christmas gift for me was an engagement ring which I selected just few months before our winter holidays.
He gave it to me in the privacy of our room while we were celebrating the festivities with his family. I loved that low key approach because if he asked me in from of many people maybe I would've panicked. Over the phone - we were at his family celebrating the holidays - I announced the wonderful news to my family. As a family we tend to be shy in revealing our plans so I guess my younger brother didn't know the news. The first comment he made was "If I was going to propose to a girl I would have invited her family and my family to dinner and then on my knees I would've asked her to marry me in front of the whole family."
"Well if I was that girl maybe I would've said no because I don't like to much attention."
"I guess if you are happy to have the proposal to be secret then is your own choice..."
"I'm quite happy in that way..."
"Good, well merry Christmas to you..."
I was happy because I was going to marry the man I adored and I wanted to have a good summer wedding. From that day onwards I began planning for my big day...

I want to try to recall all the events that led to the big day, but, slowly, I will also reveal the plans I have on my mind for the coming year...
But for the moment MERRY CHRISTMAS....;)

xoxo, T

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