30 Dec 2009

Mission Accomplished

I am back to the system. I sincerely thought that I would find it difficult to go back to work but surprisingly I feel okay. I guess I was stressed out for nothing again. Then for me coffee kicked in and my Hubby was still jet lagged by our trip from the USA. Now I am back in my comfort zone where I can be my own queen :)!

This morning when I woke up I had a bad headache but I felt much better only after a soapy bucket shower. Our boiler is boiled down (is damaged) so I had to use the kettle to get my hot water, but, hey, it worked. After having the so-called-shower I felt alive and ready for the world - I didn't have breakfast: bad on me.
On the bus to work I was thinking: "As soon as I get to work I will have a cup of tea." I did exactly that. One thing I have to congratulate myself with is that I went to the library and borrowed the book I wanted to borrow for the good use of my plan. New Pregnancy and birth. From here you can guess what my plans are about :)
Yes, I am MsBabyPlan. And on my 2010 agenda is to get in the swing of things.

xxx T.

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