28 Dec 2009

Ms Musing

Browsing the web is a time consuming activity, especially when you are trying to start a healthy life changing experience. It goes against the plan. Today I woke up quite early due to me drinking two cups of milky coffees yesterday. This is how my days went on: as soon as I woke up I decided to read blogging, but especially about health and baby blogs. I then realise how much I can easily lose myself in the blogger sphere. If I am going to focus on my plan I need to be realistic and manage my time on the blog appropriately. At the present moment my major problem is me wasting precious time browsing the net instead of doing my university assignments.
I need to manage my time properly, first of all I must assign a time dedicated to my blog writing. Because this is going to be my online diary I can easily do that by leaving two or three hours messing around on the internet between my university workload.
I still have three day before I literally note down the plan dates. I have to be free about musing and tasting the web about my baby record blog. These initial posts are not concentrated on the mission, there mainly for me to ramble about my future plans. For this reasons I will keep it short.

xxx T.

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