8 Jan 2010

Cause I'm Bad

Young beautiful student girl sleeping with books photo
Yes, 'cause I'm bad'. I feel like admonitioning myself for doing what I did today. Meaning not doing what I wanted to do: working hard on some coursework papers. First I tried to read a book related to the topic, then remembered internet and went on it to check my emails I have neglected for some days now. I then returned to my books, but then remembered to phone my family. I then tried to write my paper, but then phoned my hubby and asked him what time he was coming back home from work. I know if bad with myself because of this kind restlessness. I will be back on top soon, I will be good tomorrow.

Wait! One thing I should be proud of "Well done girl, you cooked - although the food is unhealthy-yummy thing - you did it. The hubby loved it so much that he ate three plates of rice and stew. Nice job girl."
Ehey, and the Wii told me, I'm fit. :)))!!!

xxx T.

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