9 Jan 2010

Cause I'm Good

Yesterday after being so harsh on myself for being lazy, today I've changed my opinion. I can officially say "Well done girl."
Let's start from:
1. I got up around half seven and after debating, mentally, about the quality of doing physical activity I decided to get up.

2. It is in these moments that you wish you never made a New Year resolution. To promise to cook and eat healthy these can become backlash resolutions. – Don’t get me wrong, I am trying my best and Wii fit instructor is helping me. Ah, ah... :)

3. It wasn’t easy to get out of bed and conquer the cold outside; initially I had to picture my future ideal body to manage to face the chill outside the duvets.

4. So I came out of bed around eight o’clock, thinking about Mel B, yeah Spice Spicy... (right,
beware these might be manipolated photos for commercial purpose)

5. I decided to think about Mel B. because after two kids she looks healthy and fit – not just skinny, but fit, curves on the right places, that is my ideal body

6. Wii fit might help me achieve that, normally I would prefer running outdoors, but the weather brrrr... I can'r face it!

7. I choose Wii for winter exercises and I would advice to run and do more outdoor sports in spring and summer. But for now Wii fit is my best homemade gym. I give 100% marks to those who run under rain and snow.

8. Wii was a good invention for this generation, because in some extent people are forced to do exercises while playing videogames

9. Thanks Wii fit, but people I am not here to sell Wii

10. If you don’t have money and want to be fit at home during winter days please use Billy Blank’s Boot camp video clips on You Tube. They help the kicking start for lazy women like myself... Ah, ah, :)
So, so cause I am good, I did it today. I felt fresh, energetic and very good the whole day. These are the quality of doing physical activity, body and mind remain liberated for the whole day. I believe in good health before, during and after pregnancy...

xxx T.

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