30 Jan 2010

I Am Half way There

The Big part is gone. Yes, half of my third year at university is over. I handed in my last essay for the trimester yesterday. I feel good, but not excited, because I know I have to read more books for the upcoming trimester (February). I enjoy university but because I want to get good grades I end up panicking when essays are nearly due; instead of focusing on rearranging the contents and conclusion, I always read a lot and take notes worth for two essays. So in the end I have to panic. Knowing myself, I will miss these moments when is over...:(. But for now I should focus of getting the ideas together for my final year project.

My downside of loving university is my health. Due to my 100% commitments to the course works I find it difficult to be healthy as I promised to be this year.
Okay, okay after January there are other eleven months to go, but if I want to succeed in the plan I should stick with the points of EATING HEALTH, DOING regular FITNESS and keep a close eye on the plans like an obsessive. So far I have managed to keep 30% active, I must increase it to 40% at least. Then I need to start eating healthy foods again. I should always have breakfast, lunch and light dinner. I do skip breakfast a lot and at work when my essays were under way I was not having lunches. I know it is not good for my body but when I am stress my body refuse to eat and my mind tells me is unhealthy to eat when you are stressed because the food does not rest in stomach properly.

If anyone knows how to be healthy and still manage to do well in their chosen projects please don't hesitate to give me an advice.

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xxx T.


  1. MsBabyPlan,

    Krizia here from SITS!

    It's really not that easy to eat healthy when you are in University because your plate is already full.

    It is important to try to make an effort because better quality food will give you the energy you need to help you manage those long study/learning days!

    I'm happy to be here to support your efforts!


  2. Thanks Krizia for your advice. And your support will be much appreciated. Thanks ;)

  3. I think I lived almost entirely off coffee when I was an undergrad... so I'm not a good role model! I'm doing a bit better now (currently a PhD student)

  4. http://www.quakeroats.com/products/oat-snacks/chewy-granola/peanut-butter-chocolate-chip.aspx

    I keep a box of these next to my bed. I don't know how healthy they actually are, but 100 calories keeps me satisfied til lunch. Sometimes I have a glass of milk once I get to the kitchen.

    Somehow it's easier to eat breakfast in my bedroom, lol.

    The choc/peanutbutter chips bar is the only one that keeps me satisfied until lunch. I just eat one bar and I'm good to go.

    Oatmeal's good for your digestion, too. It slows down how fast you digest foods.


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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