14 Jan 2010

I Know Why: fitness works for women

Last spring I found out something I initially wanted to share with every woman in the world, but I then realise that maybe these women already know that keeping active and fit can prevent a painful circle - you know what I mean.
Yeah, the red zone time (RZT). When all you need to have on your mind is zero problems. But, as in my case, although I tried my best over the Christmas holiday to be active, I did not do well enough. I failed in keeping myself motivated to go on running and working out. I haven't done enough exercise for my body to keep itself immune from the circle pain. After doing some work outs on my Wii Fit I didn't go back on it for three days; my excuse "My mother was visiting for couple of days."
So last night I went to bed wearing a muscle warmer designed for us women during the RZT, but it didn't work. I woke up at 1:05 am and could not sleep even cuddling to my warm hubby. It did not help. In the end I went to what I don't like doing: the pain killer. I felt like a loser, because I'm trying to take less medicated products as possible in pursuit of my BP. If I keep to my plan of keeping fit always as a dedicated soldier I WOULDN'T be here in the middle of the night, an essay on the one side and my blog opened. And I wish I kept to the plan; fitness first.
Now I'm here insomnia still my companion, feeling dizzy but must complete 2500wds essay on Black Politics in 1960s USA in less than 10 hours - which I really want to get a good grade on. I pray my brain is clear enough to write that good paper.

xxx T.

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