3 Jan 2010

Laziness: bad habit

I did my deeds today. I woke up at 9.36am after eight hours of sleep. I didn't have my breakfast pronto, but at midday. I am addicted to writing my blog, that is why I neglect eating well. I wrote a broad story on my computer and went on reading some more blogs. I am becoming an addict to the web engine. I need to moderate my intake on that habit before tomorrow. I need to keep my eyes on my too much blogging, it is why I might not right every single day.

But let's me keep track on my plan. Today after having a late breakfast me and my hubby went for a skate. Very nice to keep fit and tone the legs and bum. I would have enjoy it more if it wasn't that the weather was killingly chill. We stayed for only thirth five minutes but it was still good for me.

Once at home I had a shower, then used the Wii Fit to we eat a big portion of stir fried rice. It was a big portion but I did not complain because I did some fisical exercise therefore there was room to add more calories.

xxx T.


  1. Hehe, I feel you on becoming overly attached to the web. Its sooo addictive! But at least you and the hubby went out for a skate - that's awesome! I so need to add more physical activity to my life!

    Great blog - I added you to my blogroll. :-)

  2. Thanks Yakini. Happy New Year and new fit you...


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