19 Jan 2010

PPD = Postpartum Depression

I am building up my positivity. When was I negative? Last week was the worse of my RTZ. I felt ugly, bloated and I had no confidence in me. During this time I was constantly sad. The reason I feel like this is based on the fact that my dreams are not progressing. Maybe I am not alone but I feel like I am the only one.
And I wonder how I will cope if I ever get that post-natal depression. doctors can't really tell reason this 'illness' happen to mothers, however they always advice to act fast if WEEPINESS and DEPRESSION prolong after two weeks.
I know when I reach the bridge I will cross. I really hope it doesn't happen to me. However I wonder how I will cope if it happens to me. Maybe is not a big deal but I guess is a harmful feeling because it comes to you in a moment when you are supposed to enjoy your new baby, and share the joy with your family. During a time that should be wonderful for you and your family, a little voice in your head gives you bad thoughts.
Right now all I know and still pray for is a wonderful support from my lovely hubby and family. I like to talk about my feelings therefore I will not suffer in silence, so on that aspect I am not worried.

But right now I feel positive and looking forward to my last semester of university. I also monitor my intakes of blogging and web browsing.

xxx T.

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