2 Jan 2010

Skin care: plans on the way

I'm sleeping well again thanks god. Though I need to sleep more than seven hours the six hours I am sleeping at the moment are good for my body.

Well another day is coming to close. First thing first: yesterday I undid my braids and I washed my hair and kept it afro. I love it, but today when I went out I was so self-conscious about my appearance because it was since 1992 that I haven't allowed my hair to be natural. It was my mother's fault because she thought that it was good for me to retouch it with the chemicals. But since June 2009 I have gone back to my natural hair. I'm loving it. I believe that this is good for my because of the absence of chemicals in my hair and through my nose.

I am so on the plan; this is why today I decided to purchase Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil to cleanse my dry face. According to me beauty is synonymous of healthy living. This why for my plan I have to be healthy both from the inside to the outside. I must admit, it is hard to stick with an healthy eating plan. This morning, for instance, I had a muffin and two glasses of water. I know I should have had a nice bowl of cereal and milk. For lunch I did not eat nothing because I went to do some clothes shopping (clothes are anonymously on the plan, for me to look gorgeous) and buy the skin oil. Whilst I was there I bought the new magazine for Health. I am obsessed about magazines so I image the plan will be another excuse to buy more beloved magazines.

  • First thing I need to do is focus on my university assignment.
  • Second thing is to keep up my gym and yoga regime.
  • Third thing, most important, is the need to protect my skin from stretch marks. I am good on this aspecct because I have been very careful about the prevention of stretch marks since 1998. This was thanks to my love for fashion and beauty magazines.

Eating for the plan:

I should dedicate 30 minutes each morning having a great breakfast. I should eat and drink the following:
  • 1 glass of orange juice.
  • 30 grams of cereal.
  • 1 glass of water.
This will both give me more energy for the day.

xxx T.

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