1 Jan 2010

welcome 2010

It might be the way the numbers remind of smoothness but I feel so good being in 2010. My plan is going to be in the full action. I need to write my 2010 resolution to remember my plan everytime I open my blog. Keeping a blog, I believe, is a very good way to be organise in our modern lives.

- Cook and eat healthy food - more fruits and veggies

-Be active, be fit, love my body - always

- Do more yoga

- Visit Paris with my hubby

- Finish university with good grades

- Do a beach girlie holiday

- Keep loving blogging and update my blog - often

- Read more books about healthy living

- Learn one of the Akan languages

- Make a list of what to do before my 30

- Thank and praise the Lord more often

- Love the mature me - love myself more than ever

- Love my husband more than ever

- Love my family more than ever

- Contact my friends more often

- Be a good wife ... and begin the journey to motherhood.

- Make 2010 a wonderful, enjoyable year in everything...

HAPPY 2010 to everyone... love to the world!!!

xxx T.

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