23 Feb 2010

Work and Stress

What a crappy day, in fact I have to say yesterday and today were crappy days (22/23-10-2010). I had the worse days at work I have had in months.

All started on Saturday when I returned work after the wedding holidays in Italy. Maybe it was due to the emotions of the previous days or maybe there was something in the air. But I was happy and jolly. This did not last long because I was told that on Monday I had to go to another place to work for two days. I did not have a choice. My destiny was decided for me and I believe it was because I was not present when they decided. One thing I did not do was to ask clearly again and again where I was going to work. I was dreading going to that place because in my mind I was going to the place where a girl I clashed with in the past works. So whilst I was told to go to A in my mind I agreed to go to B. I didn't want to be late so over the weekend I organised my work cloth and checked which train to take, everything was perfect. That girl I was supposely going to work with was not coming in, this cheered me up. (Image source: traceybuchananstudio)

Come Monday morning, I get ready and opt to skip breakfast because I did not want to be late. This was a great advantage because I got there ten minutes early. When I enter the building I find a guy who seems surprise to see me. I don't like new places but I always manage to fit in easily. I was inquisitive and I wanted to know why they need me there if they were already full staffed. He did not know because he was on holiday until that morning. I was distressed because I was sure I was told to come to that place. Around ten I decided to phone my normal work place and they told me that I was supposed to go to A instead of B. I was ashamed and annoyed because to take the train I had to add money to my travel card. However in the end I got there one hour and ten minutes later. By this time the rain had started to pour on me. But today was even worse beacuse I was up early and took the bus then changed to take the train but that was a mistake. I don't take the train often so I did not know the train connections very well... Guess what? Yes, I was 25 minutes late. I felt like crying because it was cold and raining plus I don't like being late and these two days have let me totally down. Most of the time I was all hot, and the little voice in my head was saying: "They thing you are stupid..." I was putting myself down badly. To be recognised as the real clever that I am I tried to impress but I just ended up doing more damage. In the last hours before the end of the day I became sad and demotivated. I wanted to leep out of my shell and shout out the frustration. But thanks God I realised that sometimes even the greatest person get stuck. And I told myself "What you need to remember is take things a little bit happy-go-lucky. Sometimes you have to know that you are too strict with yourself. You need to learn to accept some of your flaws." I have to learn this big lesson because one day I will have to be strong for more than ME. I still feel I like I am a little girl learning the big lessons of life. 

Maybe I am stressing out because I am not sleeping eight hours as I am supposed to if I want that healthy ME. I am glad I wrote about it. I feel much better. I love blogging for this reasons. I can destress easily which is impossible when you are writing with pen on paper. I still write my journal but it's been long since my last entry.

From tomorrow I will try to calm down, sleep more than six 1/2 hours and meditate more. The last point is an impulsive decision. It doesn't count. But why from tomorrow and not tonight? Because my brother is coming over. Plus tomorrow I have an important appointment at the GP ;), so I have to get ready.

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xxx MsBabyPlan

22 Feb 2010

Strictly Fitness start from this week

Last week posts might have been boring for some readers but this week I am back with a BANG. Yes, I am going to be on strict fitness regime starting from this morning. I have been doing my research for the plan and the latest blog I came up is fitpregnancy - shhh, don't tell Hubby about this one ;), he wants me to relax. (Image Source: dreamstime)

So, as I promised in the title of this post from this week until when is possible I am aiming to set a goal of my ideal weight and BMI. I will then work towards it. This will hopefully help me get the healthy yummy mummy look I would like to be one day.

In the subtitle posted on fitpregnancy the author states Achieve your ideal weight 'Having too much or too little body fat can cause irregular or infrequent ovulation. “Women whose body mass index [BMI] is between 24 and 30 are most fertile,” Domar says.

At the present moment my BMI is perfect but very close to 25, so I have to keep on that. This is why I have set a new goal on my Wii Fit, I have to lose 3lb. I want to work little extra to get that lean six pack before my plan is complete.

So far I thing I am doing very well in crossing out the major points on my pre-TTC checklist.
One of my great achievement was my appointment at the dentist and the more I read about preparation for future P., the more I am convinced I did well in going there sooner. To cure your bad teeth before P. is so important that in the UK is free for mothers-to-be and mother withing 12 months to go to the dentist.

The session on how to get P. looks promising, ;). I have to be fair I am still playing around the date, but I think preparation is an advantage ;)! The session I am not doing very well is the doctor, test and check ups, but that is going to change from this week. I have book an appointment with my GP to start discussing things properly. I started to work on the session for money and home, for instance last week I went to talk to my bank about opening a health insurance. I hope that by the end of the month I will finish the last two points, Check your home for harsh chemicals and asbestos and Plan a baby budget.

Before I go: Does anyone know how to check harsh chemicals and asbestos in my home?

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xxx MsBabyPlan

10 Feb 2010

The Pain

Today my university officially started, but I was not as happy as I would normally have being. I was in pain for the whole hour.

Even now that I am writing about it the pain comes back. This is because I went to see my dentist as I promised. If you read some comments I have left around the blogsphere you may be aware that I was having a very bad toothache. When I got there the dentist proposed to cure the cavity which is infected or extract it. I opted for the second option without considering the consequences. Yes, I am impulsive.

She numbed the area where the bad tooth was located. This prevented me feeling any pain. I was fine, all I was just worried about was getting to university on time. I did not want to be late for my first day of the last trimester. Meanwhile she was doing her job. She pulled once, twice without success. The tooth stayed still. She then tried for the third time and she was surprised when my tooth came out easily. We both laugh, I with my numbed, swallowed lip and she with her lovely white teeth. Still everything was fine. (image source -http://www.cynicaltravel.com/)

After this she gave me a TO DO and NOT TO DO list. On the top list was DO NOT DRINK ALCHOHOL, DO NOT SMOKE and Do Not do strenuous activities such as exercises. Also on the list was the need of a gauze. I thought for what? After leaving the dentist I went to a bottle of milk shake because I was not allowed to eat anything heave. Then I decided to go to check my face and my tooth. My mouth and lip was still numbed. In the mirror I saw a stain of blood at the corner of my lip. This reminded of an old version of vampires. Still the pain was not unbearable. I on the bus I decided to keep the old gauze on the extraction, and once at university to change into the new one.

The pain was kicking in by the time I entered the building. I run into the ladies and spat into the WC, my mouth was full of blood. I rinsed it with some water and then block the missing tooth with the clean gauze. So sitting in the lecture room I felt and looked like Edward Cullen when he first met Bella. I smelt the blood, and my mouth was shut tight for the pain my tooth was provoking in me.

So when I say it is great to see a doctor before TTC I believe it is a good advice. I think if you are P. and consider going through that nerve pain I think is crazy. Plus you have to take some painkillers when the pain is unbearable. But painkillers are not good for spawns ;). I still have two visits to do but at least the most painful due to bit is over with my infected tooth extracted.

Did you see a dentist before TTC? Did it help you be stress-free during the mummy-hood journey?

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xxx MsBabyPlan

7 Feb 2010

But Why do I really really want to be FIT?

On the blogsphere I haven't found a blog like mine. Nop. My blog, unlike other mommy blogs, is dedicated to the whole journey to that life changing experience. Meaning although I am not a mother yet I firmly believe that I need a good preparation to get to motherhood. Perhaps I should give credit to the one of the few blogs that was created before the blogger became pregnant, babymakingmachine - probably there are more blogs dedicated to women before their Ps. But for now I want to stick to the point.

I want you to know why I decided to plan my journey to motherhood.

One day a woman walked into the office where I work. She was pushing a pram with a new born baby sleeping in there. She was drinking a milk-shake and seems so stress free although the baby was just three weeks old (me and my colleague asked her). It was then that I decided that one day when I have my children I will follow the kind of routine she followed which allowed her to get out of the house and bed as quickly as three weeks. This proved the point that celebrities are not always lying. Obviously we can't achieve a figure like VB (picture right, she is a skinny yummy mummy = YM) in just three weeks, but what we can do is to follow a healthy lifestyle before the pregnancy and this will allow us to get energetic soon after giving birth. (Is this true? Please let me know your opinion.) You see, I don't want to lose weight I want to be healthily FIT. No illness fit, but eating the good food and doing excises, all in moderation.

This is why my blog is quite unique because apart from documenting my preparation towards mummyhood, I want to document my healthy lifestyle as well. Meaning I want to be fit and healthy from this point on in my life. But why do I want to keep a blog talking about my healthy living and not about conception. Conception comes later because first I must be energetic and fit.

FIT, fit, fitness... because when I am P. I want to be able to move around without feeling tired all the time. As a young woman I have to go through a phase and that is to be fit. I will keep talking about healthy lifestyle because I want to maintain that style for a lifetime (my Hubby and future children will follow that too). So talking about that on my blog I think is only fair. I will also talk about conception, my dreams and wishes; I really hope I can write about products for babies and mummies.

It is proved that being active pre- and during P. is good for both mothers and babies. Also because I want to be a yummy mummy (es: Halle Berry, picture left, is gorgeous, she is fit she is YM. Photo taken from glamourvanity) I will keep that plan for good. Don't misunderstand me for being little shallow here because I am not, I only want to be gorgeously fit. :)!

But what is really a yummy mummy? For me is a mother who is healthy, toned and fashionable both at home and outside. She can be a working mummy, SAHM or WAHM but they have to be ready to take care of themselves and their famliy. Obviously sometimes you can be relax.

You might say we can't compare ourselves to celebrities, and I say yeah nop/yep. Because on one hand I am not comparing myself to anybody but on the other I would like to prove that as a mortal woman I can be gorgeous like some of these celebrities by starting that change now.
Now you may say - yeah, you are not even a mother, wait and see. You may also say - enough of the blah blah blah, tell us how to get there... if you really know something.

Everyone is different so for me to get there I will follow these little changes and stick to them: 1) do more yoga (Wii fit yoga and real life yoga), 2) go to the gym regularly, 3) eat freshly made and cooked foods, more fruits and vegetables. Also during my RZT I will try to eat less food that is bad for my body/soul, LOL :p! You can read my previous post to know a little bit more about my moderate change of life; I don't like preventing myself from what I believe are my little bad habits. I don't smoke or drink so I am allowed some chocolates and sweet, but not all the time!

Perhaps by now you are bored of this plan so I will let you off, but please come back and show Some Love

Ops, before I go, some questions.

For all the mothers: how do you combine your healthy life routine around husband and children? For all the single ladies or married without kids: do you have a secret, up your sleeve, to reveal regarding fitness routines? Would you (or had you planned) your healthy living before pregnancy?

xxx MsBabyPlan

5 Feb 2010

Detoxing: The Body

I have been very good to my body this week. Firstly I had breakfast every single day! One point for me. I then made my body move to the excise video by Billy Blank. I also went to the gym. This boosted my energy level for the whole week.

You see, if I want to succeed in my plans, as I said before, I have to feel good inside and look great from the outside. To do so I need to detox and I want to start from now.
At the start of the year I bought Healthy (apparently the UK's top-selling health magazine :)) and thanks to this magazine I am learning how to live a healthy life. Have I said that before? :O, ;D!
I believe that talking about it more often will convinced and motivated so please bear with me :)!

The detoxing programme consist in removing out of my diet bad fatty food such as crisps, biscuits, red meat and processed meats. Instead I have to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meat and eat small potions of everything up to five times a day so I don't starve myself. The more I eat in moderation, the more my metabolism will increase and aids weight loss. Plus I should do excises. It doesn't mean killing myself with initial excises of two hours a day. I should start from about 30 mins a day five times a week. This will increase my energy level and will also help me start and keep an healthy lifestyle for life. Please remember I am not dieting, I am just taking little cares in my everyday living to improve my living and body/soul. I don't want to diet because in that way the body doesn't learn anything. Changing my lifestyle is for the best and everlasting - this what you should aim for if like me what want healthy lifestyle.

These are the things that I tried to achieve this week. In some extent I managed to do so, but there was room for improvement :p!
Each morning I had two pieces of toasts with a little bit of butter, a pot of fruit yogurts Activia and a glass of water or cornflakes and milk. After that, on the first day I followed the video of Billy Blank (below) for 20 mins mainly focusing on my upper body and waist.

The second day I followed it for 40 mins, but the third and fourth days I relaxed the body. On the fifth day I went to the gym and did the treadmill for 40 mins, I then used the various machines to shape up my legs and waist for 20 mins.

For lunch on the first day I fruits and more fruits, the second day I had salad sandwich, the third and forth I had rice and black beans sauce. The fifth day I treated myself with a packet of plantain chips (I know I shouldn't eat such things but hey, I have to make sure my healthy lifestyle is not deprived of some treats, plus the cals on the package is just 131), I needed a quick nibble before my workout. You should never do excises unless you have had something to eat - something light.

Then, yesterday my RZT came to visit me and I was allowed to indulge myself with some chocolates but I didn't instead I had some crisps. My body needed its usual craving during that time so I am forgiven. :)!

Well, all in all I did well because although I eat some bad things my excises burned some of their calories of. Plus I walked for about three hours between university and work chores which came me unscheduled extra excises.

What is your experience in this matter? How do you really keep fit for life? Am I on the right track?

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xxx MsBabyPlan

1 Feb 2010

After a Decade the Body Can Change

Yesterday I tried on a pair of blue jeans I adored!

When I got up yesterday morning I decided to clear some space in my wardrobe, because I needed to feel good with myself. Before I got married and moved to London (2005)I used be obsessive about my wardrobe organisation but since living in London with the excuse of not having enough space in our flat I am neglecting my passion for organising my clothes (we have a decent walk-in-wardrobe but that is not enough for my many books and garments). Every time I am clearing my wardrobe I try on all my old clothes to check if I still like them or if they still fit me. If the second is the answer them I pile them up into occasion and everyday wear. Then I divide them into seasonal (winter and summer) wear.
In the winter I put all my summer clothes in a suitcases and 'file' them away for the following season and vice-versa for the summer. So this is what I haven't done in seasons.

Yesterday I had the wonderful idea to clear space and make room for my future plans. I don't want to get into June with lots of things still to clear out, this is why I decided to start at the end of January.

These were my ideas when I put on the blue jeans. They fitted alright but I couldn't zip them. It was then that I felt the world on me. Six years ago it was a battle to take them off (because I loved them so much), but yesterday it was a battle putting them on. :(! I know my body shape can't be the same as when I was a teen but not managing to wear those jeans I found it hard to cope with the idea. But, hey after a decade the body can change.

To find consolation I turned on thesitsgirls, this blog is like a wishing pot. Since I found about it every time I am in need I find the answer on this blog. I was so upset and I started to comment on the blog, when I started scrolling up I found a comment by another blogger Krizia. She writes for the blog eatsmartagesmart, this blog is great for tips on healthy living and eating. I wrote a comment and asked for an advice, she was very nice to give it to me, this cheered me up. Knowing that I shouldn't stress over my food was a weight off the mind. I read her blog and in one post she tipped of how to be fit and keep fit forever. This is what I would like to achieve for the future. Be healthy before the PLAN and after the PLAN. This is what she wrote:

# Eat Smart Age Smart Says:
February 1st, 2010 at 10:11

MsBabyPlan – thanks for your kind words.

May I say that I eat pizza, burger, French dessert and I drink wine. Don’t get me started on chips!

It’s all about balance and NOT punishment!

I can assure you that I do my best NOT to take out the fun out of eating and still offering my readers a lot of times to keep a healthy weight!

Thanks for dropping by!
# MsBabyPlan Says:
February 1st, 2010 at 10:54

I am glad to read this last comment. Thanks for stopping by my blog and comforting me. I really appreciate it. I had breakfast and I happy about that. :)
# Eat Smart Age Smart Says:
February 1st, 2010 at 11:42

MsBabyPlan – If you only keep it to ONE good healthy eating habit, but breakfast is a great place to start.

I always feature as many healthy breakfast recipes as I possibly can.

Be sure to check out this section for ideas:


Also, you are welcome to ask questions … I’m happy to help!

This blog is going to be one of my top blogs for the future plans!:) thesitsgirls is excellent and I hope it will help me meet people who will give me some good advices during my big experience.

Yes I found another of my Tribe blogs.

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