7 Feb 2010

But Why do I really really want to be FIT?

On the blogsphere I haven't found a blog like mine. Nop. My blog, unlike other mommy blogs, is dedicated to the whole journey to that life changing experience. Meaning although I am not a mother yet I firmly believe that I need a good preparation to get to motherhood. Perhaps I should give credit to the one of the few blogs that was created before the blogger became pregnant, babymakingmachine - probably there are more blogs dedicated to women before their Ps. But for now I want to stick to the point.

I want you to know why I decided to plan my journey to motherhood.

One day a woman walked into the office where I work. She was pushing a pram with a new born baby sleeping in there. She was drinking a milk-shake and seems so stress free although the baby was just three weeks old (me and my colleague asked her). It was then that I decided that one day when I have my children I will follow the kind of routine she followed which allowed her to get out of the house and bed as quickly as three weeks. This proved the point that celebrities are not always lying. Obviously we can't achieve a figure like VB (picture right, she is a skinny yummy mummy = YM) in just three weeks, but what we can do is to follow a healthy lifestyle before the pregnancy and this will allow us to get energetic soon after giving birth. (Is this true? Please let me know your opinion.) You see, I don't want to lose weight I want to be healthily FIT. No illness fit, but eating the good food and doing excises, all in moderation.

This is why my blog is quite unique because apart from documenting my preparation towards mummyhood, I want to document my healthy lifestyle as well. Meaning I want to be fit and healthy from this point on in my life. But why do I want to keep a blog talking about my healthy living and not about conception. Conception comes later because first I must be energetic and fit.

FIT, fit, fitness... because when I am P. I want to be able to move around without feeling tired all the time. As a young woman I have to go through a phase and that is to be fit. I will keep talking about healthy lifestyle because I want to maintain that style for a lifetime (my Hubby and future children will follow that too). So talking about that on my blog I think is only fair. I will also talk about conception, my dreams and wishes; I really hope I can write about products for babies and mummies.

It is proved that being active pre- and during P. is good for both mothers and babies. Also because I want to be a yummy mummy (es: Halle Berry, picture left, is gorgeous, she is fit she is YM. Photo taken from glamourvanity) I will keep that plan for good. Don't misunderstand me for being little shallow here because I am not, I only want to be gorgeously fit. :)!

But what is really a yummy mummy? For me is a mother who is healthy, toned and fashionable both at home and outside. She can be a working mummy, SAHM or WAHM but they have to be ready to take care of themselves and their famliy. Obviously sometimes you can be relax.

You might say we can't compare ourselves to celebrities, and I say yeah nop/yep. Because on one hand I am not comparing myself to anybody but on the other I would like to prove that as a mortal woman I can be gorgeous like some of these celebrities by starting that change now.
Now you may say - yeah, you are not even a mother, wait and see. You may also say - enough of the blah blah blah, tell us how to get there... if you really know something.

Everyone is different so for me to get there I will follow these little changes and stick to them: 1) do more yoga (Wii fit yoga and real life yoga), 2) go to the gym regularly, 3) eat freshly made and cooked foods, more fruits and vegetables. Also during my RZT I will try to eat less food that is bad for my body/soul, LOL :p! You can read my previous post to know a little bit more about my moderate change of life; I don't like preventing myself from what I believe are my little bad habits. I don't smoke or drink so I am allowed some chocolates and sweet, but not all the time!

Perhaps by now you are bored of this plan so I will let you off, but please come back and show Some Love

Ops, before I go, some questions.

For all the mothers: how do you combine your healthy life routine around husband and children? For all the single ladies or married without kids: do you have a secret, up your sleeve, to reveal regarding fitness routines? Would you (or had you planned) your healthy living before pregnancy?

xxx MsBabyPlan


  1. It takes a lot of juggling. The kids do nap, so you get some down time then. And, hopefully, if you're lucky, an eager Granny waits in the wings, hoping for a chance to watch Jr.
    At least that's how it works at my house...sometimes!

  2. I will enjoy this. Now that I think about it both my mother in law and mother would love to take that position. Even my sisters in law. But I might always want to know what JR is up to...:)

  3. Wow do I know a think or two about trying to get fit again after 2 babies. I am currently in a very intense program called Precision Nutrition and it requires 6 days of workouts, so how do I fit it in? I am blessed to have a husband with an awesome schedule which means he's here to help out a lot. Over the years I have created a gym at home so I workout before the kids wake up or after they go to bed at night. I have always remained flexible with the when just not flexible with the workout. Good luck and jump over to http://www.thesierrahomecompanion.com for more real world experience.:)

  4. Good luck on your journey. You have the right attitude to do it the right way, your way. Cheers, SITSta :)


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