5 Feb 2010

Detoxing: The Body

I have been very good to my body this week. Firstly I had breakfast every single day! One point for me. I then made my body move to the excise video by Billy Blank. I also went to the gym. This boosted my energy level for the whole week.

You see, if I want to succeed in my plans, as I said before, I have to feel good inside and look great from the outside. To do so I need to detox and I want to start from now.
At the start of the year I bought Healthy (apparently the UK's top-selling health magazine :)) and thanks to this magazine I am learning how to live a healthy life. Have I said that before? :O, ;D!
I believe that talking about it more often will convinced and motivated so please bear with me :)!

The detoxing programme consist in removing out of my diet bad fatty food such as crisps, biscuits, red meat and processed meats. Instead I have to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meat and eat small potions of everything up to five times a day so I don't starve myself. The more I eat in moderation, the more my metabolism will increase and aids weight loss. Plus I should do excises. It doesn't mean killing myself with initial excises of two hours a day. I should start from about 30 mins a day five times a week. This will increase my energy level and will also help me start and keep an healthy lifestyle for life. Please remember I am not dieting, I am just taking little cares in my everyday living to improve my living and body/soul. I don't want to diet because in that way the body doesn't learn anything. Changing my lifestyle is for the best and everlasting - this what you should aim for if like me what want healthy lifestyle.

These are the things that I tried to achieve this week. In some extent I managed to do so, but there was room for improvement :p!
Each morning I had two pieces of toasts with a little bit of butter, a pot of fruit yogurts Activia and a glass of water or cornflakes and milk. After that, on the first day I followed the video of Billy Blank (below) for 20 mins mainly focusing on my upper body and waist.

The second day I followed it for 40 mins, but the third and fourth days I relaxed the body. On the fifth day I went to the gym and did the treadmill for 40 mins, I then used the various machines to shape up my legs and waist for 20 mins.

For lunch on the first day I fruits and more fruits, the second day I had salad sandwich, the third and forth I had rice and black beans sauce. The fifth day I treated myself with a packet of plantain chips (I know I shouldn't eat such things but hey, I have to make sure my healthy lifestyle is not deprived of some treats, plus the cals on the package is just 131), I needed a quick nibble before my workout. You should never do excises unless you have had something to eat - something light.

Then, yesterday my RZT came to visit me and I was allowed to indulge myself with some chocolates but I didn't instead I had some crisps. My body needed its usual craving during that time so I am forgiven. :)!

Well, all in all I did well because although I eat some bad things my excises burned some of their calories of. Plus I walked for about three hours between university and work chores which came me unscheduled extra excises.

What is your experience in this matter? How do you really keep fit for life? Am I on the right track?

Please show some SITs Love

xxx MsBabyPlan

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