10 Feb 2010

The Pain

Today my university officially started, but I was not as happy as I would normally have being. I was in pain for the whole hour.

Even now that I am writing about it the pain comes back. This is because I went to see my dentist as I promised. If you read some comments I have left around the blogsphere you may be aware that I was having a very bad toothache. When I got there the dentist proposed to cure the cavity which is infected or extract it. I opted for the second option without considering the consequences. Yes, I am impulsive.

She numbed the area where the bad tooth was located. This prevented me feeling any pain. I was fine, all I was just worried about was getting to university on time. I did not want to be late for my first day of the last trimester. Meanwhile she was doing her job. She pulled once, twice without success. The tooth stayed still. She then tried for the third time and she was surprised when my tooth came out easily. We both laugh, I with my numbed, swallowed lip and she with her lovely white teeth. Still everything was fine. (image source -http://www.cynicaltravel.com/)

After this she gave me a TO DO and NOT TO DO list. On the top list was DO NOT DRINK ALCHOHOL, DO NOT SMOKE and Do Not do strenuous activities such as exercises. Also on the list was the need of a gauze. I thought for what? After leaving the dentist I went to a bottle of milk shake because I was not allowed to eat anything heave. Then I decided to go to check my face and my tooth. My mouth and lip was still numbed. In the mirror I saw a stain of blood at the corner of my lip. This reminded of an old version of vampires. Still the pain was not unbearable. I on the bus I decided to keep the old gauze on the extraction, and once at university to change into the new one.

The pain was kicking in by the time I entered the building. I run into the ladies and spat into the WC, my mouth was full of blood. I rinsed it with some water and then block the missing tooth with the clean gauze. So sitting in the lecture room I felt and looked like Edward Cullen when he first met Bella. I smelt the blood, and my mouth was shut tight for the pain my tooth was provoking in me.

So when I say it is great to see a doctor before TTC I believe it is a good advice. I think if you are P. and consider going through that nerve pain I think is crazy. Plus you have to take some painkillers when the pain is unbearable. But painkillers are not good for spawns ;). I still have two visits to do but at least the most painful due to bit is over with my infected tooth extracted.

Did you see a dentist before TTC? Did it help you be stress-free during the mummy-hood journey?

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  1. Hi - I feel your pain - have a little something going on in a molar right now. But what is TTC?

  2. Ouch! When you bite, the teeth on top hit the teeth on bottom. This keeps the teeth from growing further out of your gums. When you pull out a tooth, the tooth opposite it can erupt (grow out of your gums) and mess up your bite. This can cause more mouth pain and headaches.

    Sometimes the eruption can happen within 24 hours. Whatever they told you to do to make sure this doesn't happen, make sure you do it!

    Plaque on your teeth/gums has been tied to heart problems in your fetus. So, brush and floss like you have OCD during your pregnancy. (er...not to stress you or anything..)

    hope the pain goes away soon.

  3. There's a great book about curing cavities through your diet. It's called "Cure Tooth Decay" by Rami Nigel.

    Thanks for stopping by the Cellulite Investigation! In your comment, were you talking about alternating between warm/cold rinses in the shower or something else? Please share your cellulite secret!

  4. Yes, I was talking about warm/cold rinses. I find them invigorating and excellent to tone up the whole body. Using cold water around the hard to tone areas are the best for me :)

  5. Ouch! And some ding-a-lings wonder why those who are sane put off visits to the dentist. Feel better!

  6. I hope you are feeling better. Yes, you should absolutely get all your dental issues taken care of before TTC. The medication and x-rays are not good when you are pregnant.

  7. Good luck with TTC...feels like TTC was just yesterday for me (cuz it kinda was!)Thanks for linking up to Connect MEme Monday!
    I am your newest follower!

  8. Uggghhh...I hope your tooth feels better soon!

  9. hey - I've been thinking about you. February is congenital heart defect awareness month.

    After you have your baby, ask them to do a pulse oximeter test on your newborn BEFORE you're discharged from the hospital. They just shine a laser at the baby's finger to test oxygen levels. (they'll prolly do it to you when you check in to the hospital).

    Normal for a newborn is above 95%. If baby test lower than that, they'd do an ultrasound on the heart to make sure it's OK.

    My daughters heart problems are severe, but many heart defects aren't that severe. (correctable with medicine, or something you have to be careful with 'til baby outgrows it)

    Many heart defects aren't detected until after the baby is a month old (or more)!

    The pulse oximeter test will tell you right away that your baby's heart is just fine.

    OR get baby immediate treatment if it's needed.

    Sorry, don't mean to worry you....but just to save you an anxious trip to the doctor. Infact, if you forget to get it done at the hospital, most pediatricians have a pulse oximeter in their clinic.

    let me know if you have any questions about it

    :) :) :)


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