23 Feb 2010

Work and Stress

What a crappy day, in fact I have to say yesterday and today were crappy days (22/23-10-2010). I had the worse days at work I have had in months.

All started on Saturday when I returned work after the wedding holidays in Italy. Maybe it was due to the emotions of the previous days or maybe there was something in the air. But I was happy and jolly. This did not last long because I was told that on Monday I had to go to another place to work for two days. I did not have a choice. My destiny was decided for me and I believe it was because I was not present when they decided. One thing I did not do was to ask clearly again and again where I was going to work. I was dreading going to that place because in my mind I was going to the place where a girl I clashed with in the past works. So whilst I was told to go to A in my mind I agreed to go to B. I didn't want to be late so over the weekend I organised my work cloth and checked which train to take, everything was perfect. That girl I was supposely going to work with was not coming in, this cheered me up. (Image source: traceybuchananstudio)

Come Monday morning, I get ready and opt to skip breakfast because I did not want to be late. This was a great advantage because I got there ten minutes early. When I enter the building I find a guy who seems surprise to see me. I don't like new places but I always manage to fit in easily. I was inquisitive and I wanted to know why they need me there if they were already full staffed. He did not know because he was on holiday until that morning. I was distressed because I was sure I was told to come to that place. Around ten I decided to phone my normal work place and they told me that I was supposed to go to A instead of B. I was ashamed and annoyed because to take the train I had to add money to my travel card. However in the end I got there one hour and ten minutes later. By this time the rain had started to pour on me. But today was even worse beacuse I was up early and took the bus then changed to take the train but that was a mistake. I don't take the train often so I did not know the train connections very well... Guess what? Yes, I was 25 minutes late. I felt like crying because it was cold and raining plus I don't like being late and these two days have let me totally down. Most of the time I was all hot, and the little voice in my head was saying: "They thing you are stupid..." I was putting myself down badly. To be recognised as the real clever that I am I tried to impress but I just ended up doing more damage. In the last hours before the end of the day I became sad and demotivated. I wanted to leep out of my shell and shout out the frustration. But thanks God I realised that sometimes even the greatest person get stuck. And I told myself "What you need to remember is take things a little bit happy-go-lucky. Sometimes you have to know that you are too strict with yourself. You need to learn to accept some of your flaws." I have to learn this big lesson because one day I will have to be strong for more than ME. I still feel I like I am a little girl learning the big lessons of life. 

Maybe I am stressing out because I am not sleeping eight hours as I am supposed to if I want that healthy ME. I am glad I wrote about it. I feel much better. I love blogging for this reasons. I can destress easily which is impossible when you are writing with pen on paper. I still write my journal but it's been long since my last entry.

From tomorrow I will try to calm down, sleep more than six 1/2 hours and meditate more. The last point is an impulsive decision. It doesn't count. But why from tomorrow and not tonight? Because my brother is coming over. Plus tomorrow I have an important appointment at the GP ;), so I have to get ready.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day!

  2. I really hope you day was great.

  3. I'm sorry that you have been having a rough couple of days, but bad days happen to everyone. You are still a clever, wonderful person. Don't get down on yourself.

  4. Sorry you had crappy days!! I've been lurking on your blog for a couple of weeks now and love reading :)

    (I noticed your blog goes over the second column etc and just to let you know I do blog design if you ever need it fixed up!)

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  6. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving comments on my SITS day. As my Nana used to say, there will be high tides and low tides, just ride them out!


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