8 Mar 2010

# 1 - I Comment Therefore I Am

UnknownMami is a postgraduate in the technique I am about to try. This consist in her putting together a great list of comments she left on different blogs and she then publishes as a post on her own blog. I am a novice in this because I don't write philosophical comments as she does. However today reading the post by Melissa on completelyeclipsed, I felt compelled to try to post my first I Comment Therefore I Am. I hope this will be the start of many and I also hope you will enjoy reading it :)

In the post Melissa talked about how life is becoming a protocol at work; the school asks more paper works instead of focusing on the duties it employed the staff to do in the first place, which is to teach. Another issue is how the chores at home can be overwhelming. As wives and mothers were are expected to cook, clean, mop, prepare baby bottles and more. Although some men are excellently helpful in these duties the majority still expect women to accomplished these tasks. (The lines above are my own interpretation of her post so please read more

I wrote:

Melissa, I can relate to your post so much.
For me the week went away too quick and there are so many things still to be done. I don't have problem at home - cleaning and stuff, I just let it be - because I don't have kids yet (but once they are here I can't neglect that), on the other hand I have some course works due in week eight and we are already in week five and I haven't even started reading the questions. I feel overwhelmed, too.

But you know how I will cope? By swimming backstrokes, in this way the water will not touch my face. Sometimes is good to chill.

Have a soothing tea and lift up your feet even when you feel like the waters are overtaking you.

For 'I don't have a problem at home...' I meant because we don't have a baby if the floor is not mopped I don't worry too much. Being just two of us has the advantage to be laid back, but I know this will definitely change once we have babies.

Mothers have to do double when it comes to family life.

What is your take on this? Unknown Mami

Please Leave a Comment so I know you are around :)!

xxx MsBabyPlan


  1. !!!Yay!!!

    What I love about this is that sometimes people's post provoke us to write about things we might not have written about and our comment ends up being a mini-post.

    Well done!

  2. Good advice. :) I might go get a tea right now.

    Stopped by from Unknown Mami's!

  3. I am with Mami... reading others posts tend to be my inspiration.

    I do agree with the whole laid back no kids thing. No kids for me and the floor never gets mopped.

    That will change maybe... I come from the country ate a lot of dirt and will probably not have a crazy clean house later either.


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