30 Mar 2010


Since I decided to stop thinking about TTC, I feel as if a big tree of life has been removed from my shoulders!

I am still planning but I am not obsessed anymore. I am having more fun with it! I am going to be a dreamer (I am a dreamer), and write about my desires and wishes!

So for this new approach I want to start learning SNOWBOARDING (image source). I have always wanted to learn it, even when I read is a dangerous game. I just love it, it so cool! So now that I need to take my mind off things, I am trying to convince Hubby to come with me to an indoor ski resort just outside London to practice this weekend.

I am nearly there in convincing him. He was checking the open hours and hopefully this weekend we will go there. I really want to do it. Snowboarding and surfing are two of sport I love. So now that is winter I will learn snowboarding this weekend and then when the weather is nice I will start surfing. WOW, I am so happy about this thing.

What do you thing about these two activities? Have you ever snowboarded or surfed before? Were they difficult to learn?



  1. Snowboarding sounds awesome! Let us know how it goes!

    I am so glad you found Theta Mom and that you joined TMC! But I need you to create a "listing" so when other bloggers read through the listings, they will know what you site is about.

    So instead of leaving a comment about coming to see one of your posts, create about 4-5 sentences that totally describes your blog!

    Whenever you have a minute, please add your listing http://www.thetamom.com/theta-mom-community/

    So glad you're here!

  2. Hi there!! Thanks for stopping by.

    Good luck on your journey in trying to conceive...for now good luck on learning how to surf and snowboard! =)

    I've always wanted to surf. Specifically in Hawaii.
    Does seem pretty hard though... or maybe I'm justa bit scared.

  3. Hi there! Found you on TMC!

    I live in UTAH, and it is a HUGE skiing/snowboarding place. I think snowboarding is great, haven't been in awhile, but I really loved it when I used to go. Once you get the feel of it, it's not too hard. Just be ready to fall a lot at first. I think it's great you are trying something new! Good Luck!!!

    Following your blog now! ;)

  4. I haven't tried those sports, but it sounds like it'll do you the world of good. And good luck with TTC I know how hard that can be, I'm just so thankful we're done with that now


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