5 Apr 2010

# 3 - I Comment Therefore I Am

Some weeks ago Unknown Mami wrote a post about the constant fear she lives under.

I think, to conquer your fear you have to pretend you don't fear anything; those people who might have the intention to mug your phone will think twice when they see a confident woman. Put on a mean face when you are in a place you think that might happen (my brother taught me that technique). Or when you take the phone out from your bag have the attitude of somebody who is ready to attack whoever comes close to them.

One day while on my way home from work I told off some teens making noise on the bus (I was not the only one on the bus, but I was the only one who took the courage to stand up for the right to be on the bus without noise). I was in panic, terrified (because in London apparently teens are dangerous) but my confident attitude made me look fearless, although deep down I was shhh@ myself.

Now that I think about it, one day I saw a person stealing from the shop I worked for, I was serving another person so I told my PREGNANT manager about it; she boldly went up to the guy and demanded the the object back. After this action she thought how crazy that was. What if that guy did something harmful to her and the baby? Well, I guess sometimes is better to not act too confident, just for the sake of another little person.

Unknown Mami


  1. I think the whole when to speak up this is a really interesting issue, I guess it comes down to what the costs involved are but on the other hand what a terrible world it would be if everyone thought the costs were to high

  2. I figure whether or not I speak up depends on the situation, how safe I feel, and who is with me. Ultimately all of my decisions are guided by the safety of my kids and the safety of myself so I can be with my kids.

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  4. It's funny, but there are times I actually do not need to say a word I just give my fierce look. My friends are usually joking about my look, that if I could kill with it I would be in jail cause there would be hundreds of dead ones :))


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  5. OMG..brave and yet crazy!

    Stopping by from Connect MEme Monday..late as usual!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  6. @ Agy Talks I have tried to visit your blog but I can't enter, I think your URL address is not working, please check it because I would like to make your day and visit your blog :)!

  7. Wow. I can't believe your manager did that! Seriously. fearless. I don't really think about fear too much. When I do the things that scare me the most are thinking about the people I love dying. I think that is mostly all.

  8. I am not one to speak up in situations like that. Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms!

  9. I think you should always follow your gut. Whatever feels right to you in the situation is what you should do.


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