28 Jun 2010

Hubby Is Feeling It

Today Hubby kissed me and then said "This is the time, I can feel it. You are pregnant!" he said while giving me one of his cute-childlike smiles.

"How can you tell?" I was all happy and you cannot image the size of my head.

"I can just tell... from everything."

"How can you tell?" I persisted.

"I can just tell it, I can feel it. Is everything... Plus, I want to have positive mind." he smiled and kissed me again.

Maybe he can taste it on my lips that I am pregnant?

For my part, apart from drinking more water and having an acned face being, I feel normal. I blame the weather for giving my acned face and the wanting of drinking water.

I still have five days till I can take the test.

I guess that he wants to have positivity around me because I believe in positive mind. I strongly believe that the more someone has positive mind the more there is a chance of good things happening in their lives.

Do you believe in positive mind? How do you stay positive in mind?


  1. My husband "just knew" when i was pregnant too. He just walked up to me and told me, and I looked at him like he was crazy, but sure enough...! Good luck!

  2. "I think therefore I am" is a great philosophy. I pray it works out for you guys...if not, trying never seizes to be fun :)

  3. Of course! A positive mind always works. Send positive vibes to that tiny unborn baby. All they need are postivie vibes. Wishing you the best!

  4. I believe in positive thinking. The Bible tells us that we reap what we sow. Therefore, I try to sow as many positive thoughts as possible.

  5. Just like Christina, my husband "knew" when I was pregnant. He practically forced me to take a test (even though it was 5 days before my missed period), and what do you know? It was POSITIVE! Sometimes hubby's just "know" these things. I really hope this is it for you!!!

  6. I'm glad you have a supportive, positive hubby.

  7. Good luck to you!!! I hope he's right.

  8. Yay for a supportive positive hubby!! Praying that all goes well in a few days!!

  9. I left you an award on my blog. Stop by and grab it when you can

  10. oh how exciting!!! Can't wait to find out.
    Definitely maintain a positive mind about the whole thing. Good for you!


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