28 Apr 2010

Lack of Sleep... and counting stars!

These are days I wish my nights could be longer.

Although I am not a light sleeper, (meaning I can easily fall asleep and a bomb cannot wake me up even if I wanted it to ;), these day I am finding it difficult to sleep the recommended seven hours sleep!

It's been nearly a month since I began waking UP about before 7am. I've stopped setting my alarm for this reason. Both Hubby and I are experiencing the annoying sleepless nights. We go to bed late (23:30 pm, sometimes), but still we do not sleep through till 7am. I wake up energise but I know that sleeping less than six hours per night is not healthy for the body. But you see, for me the glass is always half full!

So I see the BRIGHT side of this misfortune! My lack of sleep is beneficial because I CAN WRITE my essays and Project! When I wake up my mind is fresh and active (right now I have a slight headache, but not too much to prevent me from putting down some ideas for my in-class-test for next week). I guess, this not sleeping well :( is an advantage for my uni-work :)!
Has anyone of you ever experienced sleepless nights? What do you do in those nights?


  1. Thanks for visiting Little Miss Momma! I can totally relate to a lack of sleep :) Since having my little guy all I do is dream of the day when I can sleep in! Super cute blog!

  2. Here I am writing to you a sleepless night myself. What am I doing??
    Blogging. =)

    They say geniuses came up with great ideas on sleepless nights.

    Hang in there,you'll get back on track soon.

    Good luck on your essay!! =)

  3. Thanks girls.

    @Mayra, I like the "geniuses came up with great ideas on sleepless nights"! Oh, how much I like that! You see deep down, I know I am a genius, but now the sleepless nights explain it all! :)

  4. not so much any more because i'm sleep deprived b/c of my little one. but pre-baby, I'd either get up and blog, or read until I fell asleep.

    just stopping by from sits to say hello! happy thursday!

  5. I usually pray when I wake up early or in the middle of the night...lol...nothing like prayer to put me back to sleep! :-) Plus it's quiet and no distractions so I can focus better on what's important.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! Bless you!

  6. Been there! I find some exercise during the day helps me catch some zzz's at night!

  7. I get bouts of insomnia every now and again. I usually journal or read and it helps knock me out. How are the essays shaping up?

  8. @ Ms. Understood, I nearly completed on essay and today I am working on the second one essay. I listed all my ideas down and I am knitting the thread ;).

  9. Stopping by from Friday Follow. I am your newest follower.

  10. Here from FF! I'm your newest follower. :) I'd love it if you could come visit/follow me at:

    Have a great day!



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