27 Apr 2010

Project and Exams... the final act...

From today onwards I am going to be SUPER-busy! This is the last month for me to finish my final year Project, do other three essays and sit one exam. I am going to focus like the gods!

I am studying English Literature and general History so if you know the secret to do a great essay without struggling please let me know :)

For my Project I have chosen a complicated topic but very intriguing (and hopefully rewarding, once I get the argument going) - power relations in society as represented in D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover and The Plumed Serpent. For the theory I am looking at what Nietzsche and Foucault said about power. I am trying to look at the power struggle between individual (self-realisation) and society (rules to force the individual into conformity). {Image}

So, I might not be able to post regularly, but I will always try to write something when I feel like pouring my heart out.

One thing though, I would LOVE your encouragement! So please, don't hesitate, leave TONs of comment. I will read them all and visit your blogs, because sometimes I need to take a break from my lovely books :)!

Stay tuned and leave comments (just write HELLO or HI, that will make me happy :D!


  1. Oh man, this makes my brain hurt. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fabulous!

  2. Sounds like a very interrsting topic. I've always found that doing an outline before I started always helps me, so I list out the various points I want to make and then flesh them out as I write, keeps it from going off on a tangent and you won't forget about something you wanted to touch on. Good luck.

  3. I agree with Chelsea...it makes my brain hurt. Good luck! I can see how a little break now and then would be in order!

    Thanks for stopping by for SITS Day (last week)!
    504 Main

  4. Oh, thanks for stopping by.
    @Ms Understood, the outline seems fab! I am going to try that one.

  5. Thank you for saying hello on my special SITS day. It's been such a whirlwind of fun.

  6. good luck with the essay, i don't envy you one bit! XXp

  7. @ Anonymous, Thanks :O! Soon this will be over but I know I will miss it SOO MUCH and I also know that I will ALWAYS return to it ;)!


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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