7 Apr 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Will I Change?

Like many people I am complex, I can't describe myself in two phrases. I have many souls in one person.

I am bubbly, childish, funny, thoughtful, irrational, intellectual, silly, clever, ready to laugh and the list goes on...
Why am I writing this?
One day whilst playing like a little girl with one of my friends' daughter, she told me "You will not want to play like that once you are a mum." She looked tired and bored.
Inside I promised not to become like that.
But really, will I change once I am a mother? Will I become boring, moody, tired, always complaining about motherhood? Will I become a bad mother...? Isn't true children bring out the child in each one of us?

I know I will love, laugh, play like a child and learn how to enjoy life from my children. I really hope the Peter Pan in me will never die and my personality will only improve.

Do you feel like you've changed since you had your children? Are you complex like all humans?

Please share with me, I love to read your comments.


  1. Oh, absolutely, I've changed! It's hard when you are on call for your kids 24-7. You see that it's okay to occasionally step away and let them play on their own while you get other things done...like blogging. LOL

  2. I have absolutely changed since becoming a mother. I am much more tired than I ever imagined I could be. People tell you you will be tired, but you just don't get it until you are there.

    I am also a better person. I'm kinder, more empathetic, less self-involved. I love experiencing things through my daughter's eyes. I love things that I never even liked before just because they make her happy. I don't have tons of energy to play with her, but when I do, I have a great time and so does she.

  3. I think I've become way more responsible & way less selfish, but I'm still pretty much the same person. I totally play with my kid all the time! My hubby & I taught our son "steamroller" at about 6 months old. It definitely keeps the tiredness and stress at bay when you remember how to be a kid with your kid :)
    (Granted I only have ONE, maybe things change with more!!)

  4. I do think I've changed... sometimes for the worse but hopefully most for the better! My girl reminds me of the joy of living and enjoying EVERYTHING everyday!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and GOOD JOB on that livingr oom!

  5. "Great photo. Stopping by from LadySociety."

    Thanks so much for stopping by! You have a super cute blog!! About your post... I think you will still want to play with your child. I mean everyone has days where they are just too tired, but I can't imagine not getting down and just playing sometimes. Hopefully I will not change too much when I am a mom! :)

  6. I think that we all change when we are in different aspects of our life. I believe I changed when I got married and will change again when I have children. I think the key is not changing so much that you lose yourself.

  7. I'm totally different - some good some bad. Sometimes as a mom you lose yourself. I think there's a lot of guilt in motherhood because no matter how much you do, there's always more that you should have done. It's too easy to see what you do wrong, too easy to see other moms as perfection.

    Kids need so much. I'm less selfish and more selfish at the same time! I also get more hugs :)

  8. I hae absolutely changed. In so many ways, I can't even describe it.

    My oldest is almost 25 and his wife is expecting my first grandbaby.

    When he left home, he thanked me for the great adventure that was his childhood.

    Balance in all things my dear. And part of that balance is the fun and wonderment that is seen through the eyes of a child.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  9. Reading the comments bring tear to my eyes. To be a mother is a wonderful job. Happiness and sorrows at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing. I know that if I change I should not be in panic, because there are rewards with that change! Thanks again.

  10. Hey there, I've definitely changed. Motherhood does transform you in so many ways you can't anticipate.

    And you will have grumpy moments like your friend although I think it's unfair of her to paint such a picture - yeah it's not all sunshine and roses but the sheer JOY of discovering who your children are is absolutely priceless and carries you through the exhaustion, monotony etc.

  11. Definately! Agree with the previous posters it's not always sunshine and roses but it's a priceless transformations in so many ways. Being a mother has taken me to explore areas/places I never imagine before both in happiness and sadness, sadness as in the helplessness I felt when my son were hospitalized twice, that kind of pain. It also brought out parts of me that I didn't even know exist. For example, I never even change a diaper before I had my son and honesty I was one of those people who will snicker if someone's baby cried in a plane, now I have more compassion towards the parents when I saw them dealing with a crying baby on-board a flight.

    Actually my son had shown me how much fun being little can be and in that he taught me to be patience.

    Stopping by from SITS :)

  12. I think we all change. Some change for the better and others change for the worse. As for me, I did change. I tend to worry about things that I didn't worry about before.

    I have 3 girls and I am tired. But I think to be a mom of 3, workind full time and then everything else gets really hectic.

    With that said, I still play...but there is a time to be serious too!

  13. I was worried that I would change when I got married. I didn't. Much. Part of it was just getting older. Good luck on your journey, and happy SITS Saturday sharefest!


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