8 May 2010

Away 4 the Weekend To Decide...

We are going away for the weekend. When we come back the decision will be made.

Please keep commenting on The Dilemma, I really appreciate your insight.

This is a glimpse of the post:

There is a time in life when you find yourself at the crossroad.
You must choose one direction to live your life.
Hubby and I are in that crossroad at the

Let's me tell you the story. {... click here to
read more.}

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! {Please keep writing your opinions.}

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't sound like you can lose ao either front. I don't think the more conventional, close to family option would be nearly as dead endy as you may think... I live away from my family and I do think my daughter misses out on the benefits of having a larger family around her. On the flip side we live in an area we love and enjoy making our own adventures... if we lived near family our calendar would be less our own.

    I would probably pick the Canada option if it were me...

    Good luck! Having such a loving husband means you can't lose!

    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss


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