10 May 2010

Decision Time...

I really appreciate my decision to keep an online journal for the journey ahead of US (parenthood)! Life is turn and twist, therefore when you have great companions along the way it is an advantage. These companions come in the form of OUR families, friends and MY online friends!

As I expressed in the
The Dilemma post, last week WE found ourselves in the crossroad we never thought would come to pass OUR way. But thanks to you (my readers) I managed to calm down and think rationally.

Thank you, thank you everyone for your insightful, thorough comments. I read them all, and weighed each one against the other. And this is what WE have concluded (oh, Hubby read the comments too. He's happy that I have people with whom I can share some of the difficult thoughts).

Before the decision I acted on what Supermanslady reminded me to do: "First and foremost - Look STRAIGHT to GOD for direction." So, I prayed and thanks to that some memories started to appear on the surface.

1. When I was young my mother was supposed to go live in Canada with us, her children, but opted to live in Italy. When I told her of the opportunity in Road 2, she said "If you and Hubby decide to go I will say God is incredible, because you were supposed to be in that place". I was happy to hear that and she is happy about the prospect.

2. Previously Hubby said "Now you are my family, so everything we decide we have to think about us first." This memory confirmed what the majority of you wrote: "be near your family". OUR family is US and the future children, we are praying, God will bless us with. So we are going to be near each other, and OUR family will always be together!

3. I was glad to read parentingBYdummies' comment because she wrote that as a child she traveled a lot with her parents and she enjoyed the experience. And Broot, who has relocated from Canada to New Zealand, is keen in the adventure, though she pointed out some, not cool, facts about the place in question:)!

But I am a young woman who has been living in different places. I love that I was brought up in a different place from where I was born; and at the moment I am not living where I was brought up. This is the same experience for my Hubby and his parent's and siblings. And I hope this is the experience my children will enjoy to share with their friends one day. Diverse cultural experiences.

4. Babes About Town suggested that I consider the difficulty in getting a work visa. We did that. We also went to the library to get a book on LIVING and Working in Canada. The pros in the book are more than the cons.

5. So, CANADA is the choice! I am super happy about it (we have until after the summer to go :).

I was very happy to read all your feedback and I hope you will stick around to give me more :)!

P.S: My Hubby's boss wants to work with him so much that he has proposed a long term position. Plus our families are excited for the adventure and some are planning to come and join us. Hurray!


  1. Good for you finding the choice that works best for you! (side note: I would have picked Canada too!!)

    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

  2. Sounds like you will have plenty of beautiful adventure starting a new life in Canada :D How fun!

  3. Congratulations on your choice!

    I'm sure everything will find its place and you are meant to go there.

    God Bless you hun!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your move.

  5. Yay!! I'm glad you picked Canada, actually. I think you will like it there. :)


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