6 May 2010

Happiness Vs Sadness

OMG! I have managed to hand in another essay that might get me 2:1 with lots of prayers! I am so HAPPY but with mix feelings.

On one hand I am OVERJOYED for today's accomplishment - I attended my last lesson of Philosophy and Tragedy :(! I then went to talk to my tutor again (he appraised me because I have come up with an insightful Project! SI, proprio me)! This is one of the two reasons I am happy, he said: "Good intuition." He meant that I am kinda pointing different issue that one of the feminist critics of Lawrence never observed :)}

OMG, like some great thinkers I want to break conventions! Thus spoke T's will! OMG, did I just write this! Always aim for the high! This is my motto!

But, on another note I am kinda SAD because today was the last day of my lectures - I mean lectures for my BA educations. I still have two essays and my Project but I am not going to be in a class room as a student for awhile. I feel like throwing myself on the floor and cry my eyes out! Gaaaa! Of all the experience, I will miss lectures and the tutors the most. Because...

1. I won't listen to African history from P. any long :(((!

2. I won't listen to American history from K. any more :(((!

3. I won't listen to A. talking about Philosophy and Tragedy with his funny contemporary comments :)((((!

4. But most, I won't listen to T. discussing great ideas in Modernist and Contemporary writings. And once I've submitted my Project, I won't have anyone with whom I can discuss complex ideology (I am going to set up a blook club, yep).

I WILL MISS the chaotic-stressful-delightful-passionate experience of university. Now I know what people mean when they say "University was the great period of educational life." Maybe they always mean the alcohol-socialising bit which I never experienced. I am not a great drinker, so for my body alcohol is just poison in the veins.

My good experience consists in the likeminded people I interacted with but mostly the extra Thoughts I have accumulated. NOW I know that I am not the only one thinking what I've always, intuitively, believed. Also, from my second year onwards, I made some friends whom I hope I keep in touch.

Now there is a dilemma which I need to face. I will come to this tomorrow. (P.S: I am not talking about babies)...


  1. It is hard to let go of an aspect of your life when you've been doing it for a while. Leaving the carefree live of undergrad and grad school and facing the working world was almost traumatic, LOL. I am trying to go back to get my Ph.D, but it just seems life keeps getting in the way. Good luck on your final projects.

  2. Ms.U, thanks for your words ;)

    Ph.D sounds great, I hope you can do it one of these day. Good luck!

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  4. sounds great, I hope you can do it one of these day. Good luck!
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