5 May 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: At the end of the Long Delightful Tunnel I can see A glimpse of Light

...I was SuperFocus Until some minutes ago!
Then the song of R. Kelly came to mind and I felt the urge to write a post. At the end of the Long delightful tunnel I can see a glimpse of light! Did I just paraphrased one of R. Kelly's gospel songs... Do you know the title?...

Well, well, i am feeling the rush to the head... I am slowly getting there. I feel overwhelmed. Today I did the in-class test and I just wrote the obvious, but the tutor said it was okay to state the obvious, so I did!

I can see a glimpse of life also because after taking some much notes on paper (I like the old school style of taking notes), my tutor found some interesting points in my Project. It seems like I've raised some interesting points that maybe he never concluded before. You see, he studied all the authors that I am analysis so it is great to chat with him about those ideas. He can be very resourceful in the subject - this is why I chose him as my supervisor.
Well, off I go to my delightful torture :). I know, I will miss this living under pressure. I really LOVE and Enjoy filling my head with these philosophical thoughts! I will never abandon it and I will study with my kids!

On another note: I can't wait to finish it all so I can talk about babies, fitness and fashion.



  1. The song is The Storm is Over Now. Sounds like your project is going well. Hope you close out the year well.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh Ms. Understood I really, really hope so on "closing on the hear with a good news".

    The storm is Over Now, yeah, great song I love it. I haven't listen to it in a while but tonight it will be my lullaby before bed :)

    Have a good evening.

  4. I will praying everything goes great for you the rest of the week.

    I never got a college education - but I never stopped trying to fill my mind with stuff. I love learning - I just don't like tests and lectures. Lol!


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