12 May 2010

Thoughtful wednesday: Which Body Excercise To Do?

To prevent harm to what I hope is happening in the womb :), I've stopped, momentarily, doing step-aerobics and box-exercise (which can be intense at times). However I am considering stopping pilates as well. Since I started doing exercises the body feels like keeping fit all the time. If I stop pilates my body might not like that. So, what shall I do? Quit or Keep it? Am I taking this too far?

If there is a baby there I want her or him to stay comfortable. I want him or her to know that their future mummy is not going to be lazy, so all the activities she is doing is for the healthy journey she's been planning for.

Please if you've been there: Can I still do pilates? How about light aerobics? What other body exercises can I do which are not harmful for women CTC (close to conceiption)? When you were attending the delay how did you keep cool?

Please leave a comment :)


  1. The best place to start might be your doctor, but at this point, you won't shake the embryo loose by doing aerobics or pilates. And keeping fit is the best thing for if there is a little one in there.

  2. I think you'd be okay to do pilates and aerobics, until you know you're pregnant. I didn't change my work out routine until I got pregnant, then once I knew I was pregnant, I just tried not to do any jumping or bouncing. So the elyptical, pilates, walking on an incline, all seemed safe to me.

  3. @ Ms.U, I will keep doing pilates then ;). I like to hear from experience women not just doctors :).

    @ Crystal, I will add walking on an incline. I will be fit in this way and yet not risk anything. :)

    Thanks ladies!

  4. Just before my last pregnancy my husband noticed (with much prompting) that I wanted Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii for my birthday.

    but I ended up just watching everyone else play it cuz my balance was already crazy and I figured it was too much.

    It was like a year later before I got to play it!

    It seems likes doctors give you more leeway with exercising than you'd expect. My neighbor's doctor let her do the Bikram Yoga as long as she was really careful about keeping hydrated.

  5. Hey i just stumbled accross this, good stuff, do you know if you are preggers yet? I am waiting to find out myself and the suspense is killing me!! I normally jog to work, but have put it on hold for now as read somewhere this isnt the best thing to do, i think pilates or yoga is probably cool though?

  6. I have something for you on my blog!

  7. With my first I was doing pilates for about 4 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. No harm to baby.

    Hope you are pregnant soon :)


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