6 Jun 2010

#4 I Comment Therefore I Am: Does Race and Culture Matters?

I Comment Therefore I Am is hosted by Unknown Mami and consist putting together a list of comments you left on different blogs and then publishe it as a post on your own blog. I am still a novice in this because I don't write philosophical comments as she does.

Look at the sweet-so-cute face, how can you possibly resist that doting face? I love it so much I could steal it!

On 29th April (I know is late but...) MyBrownBaby wrote a post about Sandra Bullock adoption baby Louei, a little boy from the African American community who was orphan. Some people were cruel about this adoption - like the case of many others - because the boy is Black and the mother is White. This is how MsBrownBaby started the post:
Sandra Bullock's announcement that she is the proud mom of a new baby boy got a lot of attention yesterday for a lot of reasons, but it wasn't just because she kept little Louis' adoption a secret while she dealt with her soon-to-be ex-husband's creeping. Seems that folks are in a tither over the fact that Sandra's son is a brown baby. For sure, my "google alert" for "African American baby" was full of Sandra Bullock stories, as if she's the first, last, and only mom of an African American child. And then there was this from the Twitterati:

Sandra bullock loves black ppl. Blind side, Regina King in Ms Congeniality & now she adopted a black (american) baby. Clap 4 her LOL

Did Sandra Bullock adopt a black baby? I thought that fad had pass in Hollywood just like small dogs in LV bags.

Wish I cud adopt a black baby like Madonna, Angelina Jolie n Sandra Bullock...OH WAIT... I can produce dem frm ma own lovely uterus :)

Sandra Bullock is taking this "Blind Side" thing too far...
I wrote:

The baby is so, so CUTE.

I don't get it, when people vow to love somebody they complain! Come on. The boy could have been without the love of a parent and Sandra wants to give it to him. Plus the boy will always know who he is. Is the same folk that judge who will force him to lose his identity not the mother who adopts the child.

Please let the good people love!

CONGRATS Sandra and all the mothers who decide to love a child no matter the COLOR!

In my opinion people should stop discriminating. People tend to judge based on others race and culture, but in this way the world will never move forward. I hope one day my children will embrace everyone based one their goodness and the dept of their heart among other good traits of the person.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Does race and culture matter in any kind of relationship?

Unknown Mami

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  1. I read a LONG time ago that celebrities were under fire for being able to adopt a baby more quickly than non-celebs and it was said that celebs get NO special treatment in the adoption process. But because they're willing to go outside of their culture, when many non-celebs aren't, they do often adopt more quickly. I remember admiring celebs and being a little ashamed that so many non-celebs are so closed minded.

  2. I think it's disappointing that people who don't lift a finger to help others are always the first in line to criticize folks who do.

  3. Hi I'm stopping by from SITS ^_^

    I don't think race matters in any one relationship but culture does in some aspects of a relationship.

    The reason I believe so is because difference in cultural upbringing can become a problem such as in a relationship when a couple can't find a balance between both.

    As an example: discipline during childhood. In the Latino community it is not uncommon to spank in order to discipline, so a Latino with someone from another cultural background that grew up with the belief that spanking is a form of abuse can eventually become a major issue in a relationship if a balance and compromise is not found.

  4. I think the only thing that really matters is this little boy is now going to have devoted mother who loves him and will keep him safe. What more could a child ask for??


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