14 Jun 2010

# 5 I Comment Therefore I Am: Do They Know...?

I Comment Therefore I Am is hosted by Unknown Mami and consist putting together a list of comments you left on different blogs and then publish it as a post on your own blog.

Last week Ms. Understood wrote a post about how her blog is unknown to her family apart from her husband and one of her friends. She compared writing her blog to writing secretively to her childhood pen pal.

I Wrote:
I had two pen pals in the last millenium and my family knew about them. It was not exciting as your pen pal friendship. In this millenium my Hubby knows I blog, one of my sisters-in-law knows that I blog, my sister knows I blog but doesn't know about this particular blog. They all know that I blog but I haven't confirmed is me they are reading on the net. I will like to tell all my family and friends to read it when I am preggo but some other times I feel like keeping it for myself and maybe start another one that I can share with everyone and keep TheBabyPlan for my personal reflections, but sometimes I also know that this is the space on wish I can let people know my mind and read my real feelings. Is like a platform on which I share my thoughts once without shouting it to everyone. A platform that my own family can learn to know me better or me to know myself a little bit more. Plus I like to meet people all over the world on the net, always bearing in mind my privacy :)!
The same day on BabyMakingMachine, Future Mama wrote a post asking when to draw the line between your personal life and blogging. She experienced the colour bullying and she worried that she might not get it well if some silly people decide to be offensive towards her family, expecially about her Lil J on her own blog.

I wrote:

I have been there on the colour bullying and I hope my kid does not experience that but this is the world and nothing change. I am very sensitive and sometimes I take silly jokes too seriously. Normally I consider myself private person but my blog is teaching me how to come out of my shell. I am learning to let go a little bit. On my blog I share my feelings about the journey towards motherhood but I know that I will never share names online and if I share pictures it will not be faces of my family. I am overly protective and sometimes very private but I am learning to stop living in a bubble. Fear does not let you live life!
Hubby knows about my blog but the more I think about it the more I believe I should keep this blog for myself and not share it with the wider audience of my friends and family. Because I might write about some deep feelings that I do not want them to know, but still need a feedback on it from other people. I also think that once I am preggo Hubby and I will start a blog on which we can share our experience as new parents and how it feels like to live with a new baby in a new country. The new blog will be shared with our families and our friends.

I will then keep this blog for my personal chat with you, my online friends, and share my journey with like minded people. I might post some pictures but still protect the identity of my family just like Unknown Mami does. But on this blog I will keep my name to myself.

Does your family know about your blog? Where do you draw the line?

Unknown Mami

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  1. My husband is the only person who knows about this blog, and it's definitely staying anonymous! I talk about stuff that's way too personal to tell my friends and family about.

  2. Everybody knows about my blog. I even have it linked to my Facebook page. I don't fear my family or friends reading something they don't like because really I don't care. I mean I don't want their feelings to be hurt, but I'm not going to repress my own for their sake. The truth hurts, but if you at least know how I feel then we can work on making amends.

    I would never think of making my blog private or anonymous. As far as drawing a line, I like to use nicknames and I don't post pictures of my family unless I'm in them except for when it comes to Facebook. I think that the internet can a relatively safe place if you take the right precautions and know the steps to take if something gets out of hand.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. My friend was trying to get me to join twitter and connect my blog to it. I'm not going to. I like my privacy. I'm going back and forth on taking my banner photo down.

  4. I'm kind of "all out there." LOL My family and friends all know about my blogs...I post photos and names on it, but there are still some things I don't share publicly. But, that's just me. I can understand the need for privacy on the net though.

  5. Great discussion! My family knows about my blog but I think only my inlaws reading it to keep in touch since we are thousands of miles apart. I blog about anything and just about everything but I do keep some things private.

  6. My blog is straight forward me but, leaving out any of the negative stuff. It helps me to stay positive and gives me a way to share photos and our life here at the beach. Most of my relatives don't read it, only because they can't be bothered - I think me, in person, is plenty for them. My followers are the sweetest group of bloggy friends. They always reaffirm my decision to put my blog out there. If ever that were to change or I felt that I was being compromised in any way, it would come down immediately. By the way - I'm enjoying your posts!


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