3 Jun 2010

Cleaning The Flat As Showroom

The picture below was taken last week during my final hours of hard work.

Today this is the picture of my dining table. Clear and clean, just like my mind. I am so happy with myself because I did what I promised myself to do after I hand in the Project.I started by clearing the books from the living room, and then I went to the bedroom to clear the clothes from the iron board. Finally I washed the bathroom.
I am trying to cross from the list the things that I think are important for my safety. I don't want to trip on my own clothes during this journey. And cleaning the house as a showroom was one of the points.
For this mission I listened to Beyonce... :)!


  1. You've done a good job. I love cleaning and organizing.

  2. Looks great!!! ::pats on back::

    Love some Beyonce when I'm cleaning or working out! Energizing!

  3. Thanks ladies. This makes me feel very good! Thanks you again.

  4. Nice! I need to get some of your cleaning energy! Love the photos!


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