18 Jun 2010

I Need A Refuge

I was away in Italy for three days. This was a trip I decided to make so that I can help a friend move into her new place. On my agenda I wanted to rest, enjoy the company of some old friends and cherish the weather and write. But while I was there, my mother had other plans for me. She wanted me to sort out some paperworks for her.

These are the duties that I always forget makes my stay in Italy more stressful than restfull. Because, when there is a demanding family near me I cannot get the peace I need in my life. Sometimes I feel like I am a woman with a rock on my tiny shoulders. I don't ask to have all the resposabilities my mother enjoy putting on me. I don't know why but she pretends so much from me.

Today, I felt like escaping from this world. It feels like I don't have my own life that I am craving to live in full.

Please don't get me wrong, I love my family and friends; I could never replace them or live without them. But there is no rest whenever my family or some kind of friends are around me. I don't know where to find peace. I cannot breakaway easily from the ties but I wish I could - just for few months.

Do you ever feel like you want to break away from your parents and friends sometimes?


  1. My goodness, yes, especialy if I have my OWN issues going on. When you already have something heavy on your mind, it can be hard to have family and even friends fluttering around, bringing their stresses onto you, especialy if it's frivolous things!

  2. I'm pretty much on my own where I live. My siblings used to live with me, but they've since moved out and we lived separate lives although under the same roof. Thankfully I'm not burdened by friends or family. Now work?? That's a different story. So in that regard, I understand the desire to runaway sometimes.

  3. hi from the lbs tea party! love how honest and open-hearted you are.

    and i've definitely had my moments of just wanting alone time and not having to answer to anyone!

    hope your week gets better! glad to be your newest follower!

  4. I know the feeling! Sometimes I have the feeling of moving far far away.

    (Love your blog, I'll be peeking around and just became a follower! :)

  5. I moved back home a year ago and it feels like a mistake. At times, I want to make it clear that I do have a life.


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