11 Jun 2010

Inspirational Book...

The May Queen edited by Andrea N. Richesin, as any book of collected essays not all the stories can inspire the reader. But for me many of the stories in the anthology seem written by a younger or an older me. They are so familiar and the words are written in different language in my many journals. They so mirror my thoughts and some events in my life. I feel so filled up by reading this book and I am glad my instincts directed me well, yet again.

I was inspired by Julianna Baggott's story, because she wanted to be a mother and at the same time accomplish her dream as a successful writer and she made it. Her story taught me not to give up and work harder to get what I want in life.

Also Samina Ali's story seems written by me, because just like her I believe that "in life, we are presented with many paths down which to take our lives and difficulty is to choose the path that is best suited to us." After came out of one of the worse illnesses on earth, meningitis, in 1999 I felt that there was something important that my life have to accomplish that was why I still had my existence on earth. I am working and praying the Almighty to lead me there. I know that in my life I have been presented with different paths and God has always directed to make the right choices.

I Pray the Almighty to listen to our prayers and to keep loving us has He has done until now. Amen!

I 100% recommend the book for every women living this thing called life.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome read. Glad you liked it.


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