26 Jun 2010

It Is Mad...

... but is it just me or when one is TTC, she listens to her body more than when she is not TTC?

Well, this is what I am experiencing.

Since I started my journey towards motherhood, I know how much saliva I should have in my mouth (yuk) to be normal. {image source}

I monitor how many times I make the trip to the loo and at which hours of the day I feel sleepy. I feel like drinking water more often, I am a little bit moody with some people but very sweet towards children. My eyes go all dove when I see cute couples with their little babies. These are mad signs, because in my mind I am pregnant each minutes that these symptoms persist.

I am so mad that I have downloaded about 10 pregnancy Apps on my IPod to read more about pregnancy symptoms. Most of them are not good and now my IPod is filled up with crap.

I am enjoying monitoring myself and I am not stressing about it. In fact I want to monitor my moods and emotions to make sure that what happened to me in April does not happen again.


  1. Stopping by from SITS to say hi. Keep trying and measuring saliva- it will be so worth it!!

  2. You sound like a normal TTCer! Lol I think that you will gain a wealth of knowledge which is awesome!

    Have u tried fertilityfriend? It is awesome!

  3. I am your new follower. Thanks for following mine! You are too cute. and by the way what is a TTCer? Good Luck with your baby endeavors! Can't wait to read about them.

  4. TTCer means trying to conceiver :)!

    @Mrs. Green, what is fertilityfriend?

  5. Fertilityfriend.com is place where you can chart temperatures and track symptoms. This is my first month using it consistently. Its pretty cool. I think that the iphone has an app for it as well!

  6. I didn't know about the saliva! Lots of good thoughts sent your way.

  7. Aww...hang in there! I remember doing the same thing when we were TTC #1. It took 8 months and it happened the month we decided to take off from trying...go figure! Blessings!!! ~Kimberly


  8. LOL well all this knowledge will come in useful somehow, even knowing which apps are crap becomes information that's handy to either store away or pass on!

    Keep the faith lady :-)


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