25 Jun 2010

Patience is a Virtue...

This is a saying of great thinkers. And I am about to learn how to be patient in my life.

I live in the fast lane, always learning things quicker than my contemporaries. Also, I don't like it when others have to let me wait. I want everything now or never. But this journey is teaching me how to live each second with the marvellous wonder of a tortoise. I don't like it but I am enjoying it ;). Since I began my journey of TTC, I feel like living in a limbo and this will not be the last time I will express this feeling.

Eight days before I discover if it is YES or NO and to ease my mind, I am going to work extra days at work and help a friend of mine find a job. This will help my mind be less tormented.

How did you cope with the wait? What did you do to ease your mind? Any tip is welcome :)!


  1. Having been trying now for 8 cycles... (after falling very fast with my first and second - unfortunately we lost the 2nd).. I can honestly say that the 2 week wait is AWFUL... the only thing I recommend, is maybe set yourself a treat day every other day. Like put in your calendar some nice things to do each of the days... paint your nails, have a luxury bath bomb bath, go for a pedicure... have romantic meal with the hubby... etc. Thats what I do. :) You have to relax... you don't want to stress out too much, because stress can make it just not happen :) x

  2. Hey there!! I am in the same boat as you. Hubby and I have just started TTC. It is indeed very hard to "wait" and "be patient", but we have no other choice. I just try to keep my mind off of it, but honestly I do wonder about whats going on inside of my body (or not).

    I am on day CD 24, so I have a few more days to wait to see if AF will disrupt my life again. Lol. But I remain hopeful and know that nothing happens before its time!

    So maybe do some of the things that Emma suggested and just try to have fun!

    If you havent already done so, please check out my blog. Im sure we'll have lots of stories to swap!


  3. Thanks Emma for the tips. This time around I am less stressed than few months ago. Which is good sign.

    @Mrs. Green you are right so write "nothing happens before its time!"

    Good luck to you both! xxxMsBabyPlan

  4. Well, first of all you want to remain as calm and stress free as possible. Get those positive hormones flowing with happy thoughts. I like to take my off things by reading a good book, shopping helps too as does taking on simple projects. Try something new, hang out with the girlfriends or go for drives.

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  6. I pretend. I pretend that I'm already pregnant and treat my body like i'm pregnant. Also I pretend that it's 3 weeks instead of 2 that I have to wait. I don't know how that helps, but it does.

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