8 Jun 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: FEATURED BLOG... BabyMakin{g}Machine (Part 1)

Last month I featured my first mummy-blogger and this month I am so happy to feature another one.

Please give me: Drums, Lights, Fireworks... Today I am so, so happy to present you Future Mama

When I first started documenting my journey toward motherhood I wanted to meet other women, online, planning to take the same path as me. It was during this search that I came upon BabyMakin{g}Machine's blog. Reading her old posts, I discovered that she started her blog even before she decided to TTC. Her blog was perfect for me to follow and I began to read night and day. This was the time I shouted out for help because I became addicted to the blogsphere thanks to her wonderful blog posts.

I love her blog so much that even up to date I stop by every day! And since then I have come to know the great-bubbly person behind the screen. She is my lucky charm in the blogsphere!

Future Mama started her blog to document her journey as a future mama - thus the name. I was there when she annouced the gender of her little one and when she wrote the post for her birth wishes. Just like me she is a planner, but unlike me she is very organised.

And this month is her due date!

So it was an honour when she accepted to answer some questions to feed my cutiosity...This is the first part of the interview so watch out for the second part next week... :)

Okay, okay no more delays. Please enjoy :)!


How do you combine you busy-BUSY life with blogging? [I mean you are a journalist with deadlines for your assignments - but apart from that you are an active church member-a wife- a future mother- GREAT BLOGGER (you write for other two websites)] Where do you find the energy and passion to keep up with your good posts?

Answer: I have no idea, I try to keep a schedule. Sometimes I let a few days go with no posts cause that's what I've gotta do. But I do stick to my deadlines for other blogs I write for. I think I just love to write, so most of the time it doesn't take me long to write a post, just like I'd write a journal entry, it just flows.

Q: I haven't found a blog with best giveaway products as you do. When and how did you get sponsored? How do you get sponsors nowadays?

A: Most of the time companies write to me asking if I would feature their product, I've become super picky with who I feature because it has to be something I'd A. Normally buy to use in my life and B. Something I know my readers would like to know about. Occasionally I'll write to a company that has a product I think would be fun to write about but usually, these days they write to me (reaching out takes time I don't have lately).

As far as ad sponsors, I leave that all up to people contacting me as well.

Q: What does the Husband think of your blogging? (My thinks that I am in a phase which will pass, but I might prove him wrong. I am enjoying blogging each day that my university commitment is over)

A: My husband use to HATE my blog, but he's grown to appreciate that it gives me something to do, he knows it's a hobby I enjoy and he supports me with it. However, he doesn't read it. I'm ok with that, haha. No boys allowed!

Q: Most of your posts are open and very private; do you have any post that you wish you never wrote? Do you have a line you will never cross on your blog? (I believe in the motto never say never - great Brandy)

A: There are some posts I've written that I've taken down. The way I met my husband was very special and we said we'd keep it to ourselves, I shared it on my blog and he saw it and got upset *ouch* I took it down.

I don't think I'd ever write about marital problems on my blog, not that we experience any, so maybe that makes it easy, but I don't complain about my husband to my friends so I wouldn't do that online either. If I'm poking fun and being lighthearted about it that's one thing, but I don't want to vent about him in "public."

Q: I have read most of you posts starting back from 2009. But like any 'author' I am sure you have your own favourite blog entry. So, could you be so kind to list your best 3?

A: 1. When I blogged about finding out I was pregnant:

2. Before we started TTC I was writing about being a Sex Natzi, I thought it was funny, but EXACTLY how I was feeling, haha:

3. Another post I enjoyed writing and sharing with people was this one about my worries with having a birracial child:
I cannot stop reading her posts :). Please stop by her blog and check it out. Plus, she is doing more woderful giveaways :)!

Don't forget to leave a comment so I know you were here. Loves!



  1. I love Jenn's blog too, and visit every day myself! She was one of the first popular WOC pregnancy/mom blogs that I found when I first started searching, and I have been absolutely intrigued by her ever since!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog... i'm a new fan:)

  3. I follow Jennifer's blog already. She's an amazing blogger (plus I won a giveaway, can't beat that, lol).

  4. I love her blog! So excited about her baby coming soon :)

  5. oh I love Jenn's blog. I visit her frequently and have been since I first started my blog. I found her on Mormom Moms who blog. The name just stood out to me and I popped over there and was instantly hooked. She is such a great person and a great writer.
    I love what she says about not venting about her husband on her blog. I think that is so important in a marriage. It's best to keep things between the two of you. My husband even have a rule not to talk to our parents about our arguments.
    And my husband hated my blog too at first, but now he's grown to like it and has seen what it has done for me. Such a fun hobby for me.


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