28 Jul 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: I Am Very Sad

I am back from my wonderful holiday I had last week.

But instead of being happy I am despairing and I don't know where to turn to but only to my online friends.

I need comfort for something I cannot explain to you but mainly because I am late and after four pregnancy tests I am still negative!

I am so, so sad as I have never being in my life before. I want GOD to be here and tell me I am pregnant more than anything. I don't know what to do! I am emotionally torned! I cannot eat or sleep and this is not my usual self!

17 Jul 2010

Summer Holidays

Bags are packed.

Flight confirmed.

Passport ready.

Tomorrow, 3am, I start my journey towards

the heat that is waiting for me and I am ready to enjoy the SuMME HoLIdays!

Hippy :D!!!

I know I will enjoy this week off but I also know that

I am going to miss you, my online friends!

I really hope you will be nice to think about me and leave a comment

so that when I come back I can come and say hello to you.

I love reading your comments

and a simple hello brings a smile :) on my face :)!

Plus, feel free to follow me, I will turn the favour!

Before I go, the above are other tunes that makes my summer JOLLY :)!

Gaga wins in matter of music and entertaiment! In my opinion she is the Madonna of the 2000!
Enjoy the music and videos! Hear you next Monday!


16 Jul 2010

Sharing Hip Music From The IPOD: Samini

I am getting ready for my holiday in Italy. A part from visiting the historical cities, I intend to party! LOL, I really want to enjoy this holiday!

1. Samini, the musician below, is Ghanaian and he is on my IPOD for this summer! I really like his latest music. I met him back in 2005 when he was known for only one song but since then he has become a big name in the music industry in Ghana. I hope he becomes big internationally. I am more interested in the rhythm and music not the video.

Before I take the flight on Sunday I will post more music on my blog so you can entertain yourself while I am away :)!

What do you thing about the music above?

Do you what to play along? Just make a post and and share one music that it is on you IPOD?


15 Jul 2010

Writer's Workshop: Mummy I Need A Partner

Every Thursday Mama Kat hosts a writer's workshop in which there is a theme based on which a blogger have to write something. This week I am opting for

1. Choose a headline from The Today Show website and write up an opinion post based on the story you chose.

Headline: Cyber-matchmaking mom fields dates for son on TODAY

Firstly, I would like to pose the question: would like your father to choose the man for you?

I don't think I would like that because my tastes are different from my own self - yeah, I am that complicated - so imagine if another person decides to make the choosing for me. It would be nonono!

I don't mind the idea that this mother in the story is dedicating her website to find the one for her beloved son. She only wants to make sure her son is happy by 'volunteering' to look for the love of his life for him.

Would motherhood bring me to that?

Well, I have to wait and see. But for now my opinion is, as long as your child is happy about the matchmaking thing then why not do it? The guy in the story says that he is funny so I guess he can see the fun side of this venture. Maybe one day they will have a great laugh together ;)!

What do you thing about mothers finding partners for the children?

Mama's Losin' It

14 Jul 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Enjoy It While It Lasts...

At the moment I am trying the Circle+Bloom fertilisation program. But today I am not here to review it (I wil post about it in another post), intead I am here because the program has made me realise how much I was unhealthily focusing too much on the plan to conceive.

Instead of enjoying writing about the activities I want to accomplish before I am a mum, I was writing about the disappointment and frustration I felt on the two occassions I TTC but did not succeed. Especially about how I wanted to be pregnant in a short time just like a teenager, LOL, ;)!

All that my mind, body and soul wanted was... a baby! I was so focused on that wish that I was forgetting why I started the blog in the first place. I wanted to write about fashion, beauty, fitness and planning my journey as a future new mum so that I can de-stress.

However, is never too late therefore from today I want to work hard on reverse psychology. In my mind I will try to go back to the time when I did not want a child but wanted to have fun and enjoy my life. Because, to be honest, if I don’t enjoy the present life my system might say that I did not have enough fun before having kids.

I guess is time to focus on updating my wish list. I will write about things that I should enjoy while they last. For instance sleep, skinny ankle, flat tight stomach and etc..., because, to be realistic, baby (b)aking* will leave some marks on this gorgeous body of mine ;)!

*First Update: MY STOMACH*

One of the important things I wanted to achieve on the list was: Tone Up and Keep in Shape, this one was related to Achieve a Lean Six Pack Stomach ;). At the time I expressed: "If I manage to achieve the previous two points I would like to go on summer holiday with some of my friends from Italy. This will involve showing off my LEAN SIX PACK STOMACH at the swimming pool ;)!" I want to Go on a Girly Holiday because that will be the last time I am doing that without worrying about going home to my kids on time. I have been working out on my body and on Sunday I am going to Italy, huppy! I am going to show off my flat stomach!- So I will have my last best summer as a girl without a child :D.

As you can read, I look at the bright side of things because if I was pregnant now I could have not done so ;). God knows how to listen to people’s wishes.

I wanted to be a model and now I can be one on my own blog by showing off a glimpse of my stomach before (April 2010) and after (June 2010) tone-up!

In the left pic I am sucking in the tummy, but in the right pic I am fairly relaxed.

Are the pictures distasteful? Would you like to know how I achieved the flat stomach like that --->? Just cast the vote.


12 Jul 2010

#7 - I Comment Therefore I Am: Trilingua Challenge

I Comment Therefore I Am is hosted by Unknown Mami and consists putting together a list of comments you left on different blogs and then publish it as a post on your own blog.

Few days ago Unknown Mami wrote about how hard she was finding it teaching her little girl Spanish in a household where English is the first language. Unknown Mami speaks Spanish but her English is stronger than Spanish, but she is determined to teacher Unknown Baby Spanish because that will have another advantage in her adult life: to know more languages is worthwhile.

Her post made me think about my situation, therefore I wrote:

Wow, I have a big task when I am Mama then. Because I have been brought up speaking three different languages.

In an ideal world I would like to teach my little ones how to speak Ghanaian and Italian. I was raised in a household in which I spoke Ghanaian with my mother, Italian with my brother. When I was with my friends I spoke in Italian and the same at school.

Then I met my Hubby who is English.

Now, my dream is teach Ghanaian to my children in this way they can speak with my family in Ghana. Also I want them to learn Italian so they can find it easy to travel to Italy. English will be must due to their father, English relatives and school.

But how do I combine the three at home. I can speak Ghanaian but can't write it. Italian is my first language because I can write, read and speak it.

This is going to be a big challenge.
Unknown Mami

Does anyone of you speak three languages? How do you teach your children a different language?

11 Jul 2010

Sunday In London

Another gem of London is Wandle Trail. It is a 12-14miles route that follows the River Wandle from Croydon to the Thames at Wandsworth. It is a great walk and cycle route if you want to keep fit and at the same time enjoy the heritage of flora and fauna of one of the chalk stream of London.

Hubby and I wanted to enjoy the sunny day and also keep fit therefore we decided to walk the trail.
Ladies, I have to admit the walk was beautiful but long and tiring. At the end of the walk I wanted to be lifted up from how sore my feet were.

I took few pictures but the one I really like is the watermill above.

8 Jul 2010

Writer's Workshop: A Memory in a Photo

Every Thursday Mama Kat hosts a writer's workshop in which there is a theme based on which a blogger have to write something. This week I am opting for

* Photographs can turn a house into a home. Share a photograph that is not on your wall, but should be...if you weren't so lazy about actually putting it there.*

If I was not lazy, I would make a big canvas of the picture above and put it on the wall somewhere in our flat. I took the picture on my honeymoon, nearly five years ago. I like it because it looks like a professional travel photo - one of those pictures which photographers get paid loads of money to take.

I took it with my old 5megapixel camera whilst staying in Perehentian Island in Malaysia, this place was the third location of our adventurous honeymoon. The place was like a paradise and we enjoyed being there! So it would be one of the pictures I would put on the wall - a part from some narcissistic personal pictures of Hubby and I.

What do you think of it?
Mama's Losin' It

P.S: My giveaway is still running, click here to enter ;)!


6 Jul 2010

The Season To Have A Baby

When I started to plan my journey towards motherhood I expressed, in my paper journal, the desire to have my baby in the summer. That means I have to conceive latest by the autumn :), Amen!
When I wrote my wish, I was thinking "I would prefer to be heavily pregnant while the weather is cold. To give birth in the months of summer season will force me to work on my baby-belly fat for the bikini season."
I have been working on my stomach, doing crunches, yoga and pilates. With the aim to help me restore my belly to flat stomach quick after I give birth. I believe that one of my best body parts is my stomach and I want to keep it in that way for as long as I can. My mother's stomach after five children it is still nice, therefore I hope this is hereditary.
Combining this hope with my workouts, plus the season in which I hope God will bless me with my baby, hopefully I will keep my stomach and body trim.
Right now I want to have a baby in the spring, that means God have to help the swimmers into the right place this month. I don't want in the summer because it will be too hot.
Although everything is in God's hands, when do you think is the best time of the year to be pregnant and give birth?
The idea of this post was inspired by BabyMakin{g}Machine.


4 Jul 2010

Sunday In London

Today London was in sun.

Sunday is the only day Hubby and I have to enjoy our company the whole day and we cherish it!

So, we spent it chilling on the green grass in a park.

I read an old edition
of an American Vogue magazine, whilst Hubby read a book :)!

Happy Sunday to everyone!

P.S: My first giveaway is still going on, please click here to participate.

1 Jul 2010

Writer's Workshop: Ten Things That Make Me Smile

Today I am taking part in a blog interaction. This is a writer's workshop in which every week there is a theme based on which a blogger have to write something.
There were three titles and I selected the above. The following are what came to mind.

1. Reading books that stimulate my widest imagination
2. Hubby's smile
3. Hubby's childhood photos
4. My nieces and nephews
5. My teenage crazy photos
6. Daydreaming
7. Watching well written, directed, and acted films such as Malcolm X, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Catch Me If You Can...
8. Eating cheesecake without feeling guilt
9. Skating while listening to lighthearted music
10. Fantasizing about motherhood

This is brought to you by me through Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

Mama's Losin' It


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