6 Jul 2010

The Season To Have A Baby

When I started to plan my journey towards motherhood I expressed, in my paper journal, the desire to have my baby in the summer. That means I have to conceive latest by the autumn :), Amen!
When I wrote my wish, I was thinking "I would prefer to be heavily pregnant while the weather is cold. To give birth in the months of summer season will force me to work on my baby-belly fat for the bikini season."
I have been working on my stomach, doing crunches, yoga and pilates. With the aim to help me restore my belly to flat stomach quick after I give birth. I believe that one of my best body parts is my stomach and I want to keep it in that way for as long as I can. My mother's stomach after five children it is still nice, therefore I hope this is hereditary.
Combining this hope with my workouts, plus the season in which I hope God will bless me with my baby, hopefully I will keep my stomach and body trim.
Right now I want to have a baby in the spring, that means God have to help the swimmers into the right place this month. I don't want in the summer because it will be too hot.
Although everything is in God's hands, when do you think is the best time of the year to be pregnant and give birth?
The idea of this post was inspired by BabyMakin{g}Machine.



  1. You are going to be SO glad that you were working on your abs pre-pregnancy. I've seen the difference in the tummies of women who did and those who didnt, and it is amazing! I totally wish I had been more dedicated prior to having Izzy.

    I think that a fall baby is best, in terms of the way the pregnancy lines up. It's cool outside, but not cold enough for ice storms and such. I slipped several times on ice when I was very pregnant with my winter baby! It also gives you 6 months to get back in bikini shape. (That is, if you actually work out, which I did not, lol)

  2. Well, I got pregnant in mid spring and delivered in the winter. It was just awful being pregnant and carrying around all the weight in the summer. I was absolutely miserable. I enjoyed being pregnant during the fall and winter because those pregnancy hot flashes were kicking in and the winter coolness was perfect to cool me off.

  3. I was pregnant in the middle of the summer with both of my boys. Had one in late August and one in Late November. So I did get to experience that nasty summer heat, but it didn't seem to affect me too badly. I can however truly understand why so many women prefer to be pregnant in the winter months!

    Praying God opens your womb in his timing and gives you and your hubby peace no matter when that may be!


  4. I had no pregnancy stories (LOL, obviously). I hope you get pregnant and have a wonderful pregnancy. I do hope you have a spring baby cause that means you'll be getting pregnant now!! Good luck.

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog! =) I'm a new follower.

    I will def be entering your giveaway because I need a new look for my blog ASAP.

  6. I can completely understand where you are coming from with wanting to be pregnant in the cooler months. It is absolutely horrible carrying in the summer! I had one of my kids in October and it was no fun at all during the hot summer months.

    Either way though, good luck with your journey....being a mother is such a blessing!

    I found your blog through the LBS, and you're an inspiration with all your planning :) You have a new follower and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  7. I also don't have any stories, but would love to give birth around June or July so that I can have the summer off and enjoy the weather!! I hope this month is a success!

  8. Good luck with your baby plan! Stopping by from SITS :)

  9. Mm.. I guess I should start working on my body now, in case my husband ever decides he's ok with us having a baby...

    If I had to choose when I'd get pregant tho - It'd be getting pregnant in the summer to have the baby in the spring. :) I'd rather not be hugely pregnant in August with a three-week overdue baby, as my mother was with me.

    And that would give me a little time to *try* and get back into shape.

  10. I have to tell you that if you have any tension about getting your figure back after a baby, then do what I did. Breastfeed your child for one year at least after delivery. It is the best possible thing for you, your baby and your figure. You can get all the books and support you need from the La Leche League, they are an international organisation dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mothers. You will never regret it I'm telling you. Also, I just want to say how much I enjoy your visits and reading your comments on my blog. I also love visiting yours xxxxx

  11. Well hopefully it doesn't take 14 months for your little bean to be conceived. When it takes that long, you could care less when you conceive, you just want that baby bad! LOL

    Good luck!!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs


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