16 Jul 2010

Sharing Hip Music From The IPOD: Samini

I am getting ready for my holiday in Italy. A part from visiting the historical cities, I intend to party! LOL, I really want to enjoy this holiday!

1. Samini, the musician below, is Ghanaian and he is on my IPOD for this summer! I really like his latest music. I met him back in 2005 when he was known for only one song but since then he has become a big name in the music industry in Ghana. I hope he becomes big internationally. I am more interested in the rhythm and music not the video.

Before I take the flight on Sunday I will post more music on my blog so you can entertain yourself while I am away :)!

What do you thing about the music above?

Do you what to play along? Just make a post and and share one music that it is on you IPOD?



  1. Enjoy your vacation!

    I don't have an ipod. I know, I am soo behind the times!

  2. Enjoy your vacation!!! Love the Caribbean sound--though I know he is from Ghana. I teach Zumba and it has a great Rhythm!

  3. Enjoy your trip. I have a mix in my ipod. I have R&B, Reggae and gospel.

  4. @Shell, normally I am old school but Hubby keeps me updated by buying me all the new gadgets, LOL.

    @Katina, you are right, his rhythm is Caribbean with a hint of Ghanaian Hip life.

    @Ms. Understood, I have a mix and my taste varies a lot. It would be nice to share one of your favourite tunes on the link ;)!

    @Princess Poet, I really like the tune you shared with me. Wow, I would have never known about Wande Coal without you!



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