17 Jul 2010

Summer Holidays

Bags are packed.

Flight confirmed.

Passport ready.

Tomorrow, 3am, I start my journey towards

the heat that is waiting for me and I am ready to enjoy the SuMME HoLIdays!

Hippy :D!!!

I know I will enjoy this week off but I also know that

I am going to miss you, my online friends!

I really hope you will be nice to think about me and leave a comment

so that when I come back I can come and say hello to you.

I love reading your comments

and a simple hello brings a smile :) on my face :)!

Plus, feel free to follow me, I will turn the favour!

Before I go, the above are other tunes that makes my summer JOLLY :)!

Gaga wins in matter of music and entertaiment! In my opinion she is the Madonna of the 2000!
Enjoy the music and videos! Hear you next Monday!



  1. Have a marvelous vacation!!! Going to Italy sounds so amazing.

  2. I couldn't even imagine going to Italy! My hubby is so anti-Europe!! Lucky girl!

    Have fun!

    ...cute blog!

  3. Have a super duper summer hliday! We love Lady GaGa! Even the kids love dancing to her!!

  4. Have fun on your vacation!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Have a wonderful time! Look forward to meeting you again. Lady Gaga is someone I feel is beyond me, Madonna was more my scene! But I guess I'd better get with the times!

  6. Have a nice vacation! Thank you for visiting my blogoir on my SITS day last week!

  7. New visitor to your blog : ) I hope you have a wonderful time away!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures : )

  8. Enjoy your vacation. Your going to Italy? That's where I'm planning to go for my next big vacation. Make sure you write all about it when you get back!

  9. Oh that's awesome! Enjoy your time off.
    Love all the songs!

  10. Hope you have an amazing time! I'm from Italy, and am dying to take my husband back there to see how beautiful it is. I haven't been there in 6 years, and I definitely am due for a visit. Hope you love it! :)


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