14 Jul 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Enjoy It While It Lasts...

At the moment I am trying the Circle+Bloom fertilisation program. But today I am not here to review it (I wil post about it in another post), intead I am here because the program has made me realise how much I was unhealthily focusing too much on the plan to conceive.

Instead of enjoying writing about the activities I want to accomplish before I am a mum, I was writing about the disappointment and frustration I felt on the two occassions I TTC but did not succeed. Especially about how I wanted to be pregnant in a short time just like a teenager, LOL, ;)!

All that my mind, body and soul wanted was... a baby! I was so focused on that wish that I was forgetting why I started the blog in the first place. I wanted to write about fashion, beauty, fitness and planning my journey as a future new mum so that I can de-stress.

However, is never too late therefore from today I want to work hard on reverse psychology. In my mind I will try to go back to the time when I did not want a child but wanted to have fun and enjoy my life. Because, to be honest, if I don’t enjoy the present life my system might say that I did not have enough fun before having kids.

I guess is time to focus on updating my wish list. I will write about things that I should enjoy while they last. For instance sleep, skinny ankle, flat tight stomach and etc..., because, to be realistic, baby (b)aking* will leave some marks on this gorgeous body of mine ;)!

*First Update: MY STOMACH*

One of the important things I wanted to achieve on the list was: Tone Up and Keep in Shape, this one was related to Achieve a Lean Six Pack Stomach ;). At the time I expressed: "If I manage to achieve the previous two points I would like to go on summer holiday with some of my friends from Italy. This will involve showing off my LEAN SIX PACK STOMACH at the swimming pool ;)!" I want to Go on a Girly Holiday because that will be the last time I am doing that without worrying about going home to my kids on time. I have been working out on my body and on Sunday I am going to Italy, huppy! I am going to show off my flat stomach!- So I will have my last best summer as a girl without a child :D.

As you can read, I look at the bright side of things because if I was pregnant now I could have not done so ;). God knows how to listen to people’s wishes.

I wanted to be a model and now I can be one on my own blog by showing off a glimpse of my stomach before (April 2010) and after (June 2010) tone-up!

In the left pic I am sucking in the tummy, but in the right pic I am fairly relaxed.

Are the pictures distasteful? Would you like to know how I achieved the flat stomach like that --->? Just cast the vote.



  1. You are looking good! And I applaud your efforts of living it up while waiting for baby/conceiving to come :)

  2. Thanks Sarah, I really want to light up my fire, LOL ;)!

    I really like you post today. It fun and it reminds us that teenages are always teenages. We end up living the same melodrama over and over again in different languages and countries :)!.

  3. You look great! I think it is a great idea. Relax and just have fun, living, practicing making babies and enjoying life and things will work themself out one way or another!

    Love your blog, thanks for visiting mine!

  4. Sexy HOT!!!!! I can't wait to get a lean 6 pack! I just got my tummy tuck surgery, so I have to wait a few more months before I can start working out on my abs to get them toned.

    You can see my befor and after pics on my blog.

    How did you get so ripped?

    Have soooo much fun in Italy! That is so stink awesome! I can't wait to see all your pics.

  5. I agree. Enjoy your pre-baby time. Do the things that you might not be able to do (or at least not be able to do as easily) after you're pregnant or your little one is here. Enjoy your now time. I'll be checking out the Circle and Bloom website tomorrow.

  6. I totally feel you on this one! If we let it this TTC journey can overtake your existence and that's the one thing I swore I wouldn't do! gREAT ABS!


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