31 Aug 2010

Thoughtful Wednesday: Time To Turn The Page

There is so much I want to express but the words evade me.

I am 100% ready for the page to turn into a new chapter, but this time is not my own doing. But today I feel like taking stock and organising the last three months of this year. I want to take note because I want to be able to say I really did something significant during 2010.

{image source}

I still don’t know where the last nine months went. Yes, I finished my degree but after June, due to the weather, laziness took over me. But today I am going to plan the remaining three months because I want to live them in the full. It will be less talk more action.

In addition, my blog will go back to basics. I will write about beauty products, fitness tips and organising my life in general.

Autumn is my favourite season and I am glad I am alive to greet it. It is the month in which a seed should be sewed so that in spring the fruit will ripe to blossom! Autumn should be the season of new beginnings.

How do you feel? Have you ever felt like you are ready for a new page to open in your life?

Please share with me.

26 Aug 2010

How Would You Annouce It To The Family?

This is it!

You got the test out one early morning and HURRAY it is + (positive). Now, how to you announce it to the family. Who do you tell first? Do you do a telephone conference? :) or send an email? Or you simply direct them to your blog :)?

image source

Mmm, this is one of things that I have to consider when the important day is here.

How did you announce it? If you are TTC how will you announce?

Please share with me.

25 Aug 2010

Book 4 of 10 Books

I started this book before my holidays in July. I wanted to read it because from the title I knew the content was going to be obvious, plus as bought it for only 20pence (31cents) at my local library ;). Some of my friends were surprise to see me read such book - they know me for reading psychological and philosophical books. But after my degree I vowed to read some novels that would ease my mind and make me smile and not think.

As I predicted the story was easy to read.

Temptation is about a playwright, David Armitage, who is good but does not manage to break into the big Hollywood scene. He is married to a dedicated wife who financially supports the family (they have a little girl), while he is trying to write to succeed. In the meantime he works in a bookshop.

Fast forward.

Luck comes his way and the million dollar contract for a television series is signed. The tv production love him so much that the big moguls give him the position of in house editor for three series.

A female producer, Sally, wants to know him better... The rest is obvious. They begin the affair and after eight months his wife decides to kick him out of the family home and divorces him. They battle about their only kid, but he does not argue much. He wants his little girl to be happy and he pays Hollywood-like child support.

Armitage starts a new lonely life with Sally, the latter is determined to succeed in her career as executive something at the Fox. She neglets him. Deep down Armitage is not happy but life goes on. He is still popular. For feather luck a billionaire, Philip Fleck, who has always dreamt of becoming a famous screenwriter and director is convinced by his wife, Martha, that this David Armitage can be his main writer.

But guess what? Martha has always fancied Armitage. During a drunken night on her private island, she confesses her love for him. Her marriage is in crisis and she is thinking of leaving her husband who seems not to love her anymore. Armitage is attracted to her too. They kiss but nothing else happen because the voice of reason is working in him. He feels a little bit in love with her or maybe it the drunken state that is working in him.

Few months later he is accused of plagiarism. He loses everything - I mean everything a part from his agent who believes in him. He goes back to normal people's day job, guess where? In a bookshop :P. However, together with his agent, they try to clear his name but to no avail. Later on Armitage starts to wonder if Fleck is behind his downfall; because maybe somebody told Fleck about the kiss Armitage exchanged with his wife.

David contacts Fleck’s wife. He asks her for help and she does help him. Unknown to Armitage, Martha films a sex DVD with which she threaten her husband.
On their next meeting for business chat, Armitage confesses his love to her: " From the moment I woke up alone in the hotel room, you have not left my mind once." To which Martha replays: "Do you always act this way after sleeping with someone for the first time?"

Reading this part I thought, sure this guy is stupid. He throws himself at the first woman who likes him.

She also tells him that she is pregnant with her husband.

Once everything is resolved – oh yes, Armitage becomes the big thing again – she writes him a letter. She writes:
... I am here, in Chicago, with Philip. I am here because, in the first instance, he did as I asked – and from what I’ve read in the papers, your career seems more than somewhat back together again... I am also here because, quite simply, he begged me to stay. I’m certain that sounds absurd: Philip Fleck – Mr $20 Billion – begging anyone for anything... He pleaded with me to give him another chance. He said he couldn’t bear the idea of losing me and the child... you have taken up residence inside my head and won’t go away. Which is wonderful and sad... but there you go. Then again, I am a desperate romantic... married to unromantic. But say I had run off with you? A desperate romantic involved with an even more desperate romantic? No way. Especially since desperate romantics always pine for what they don’t have. But once they have it...? ... when the high drama ended... then what? Would we have stared at each other (as you said you sometimes stared at Sally) and wondered: what was the point?
I thought great somebody saying that running away with another person if a relationship is not going well is not always good idea. Running away from a marriage that you believe is finished does not mean you are going to be happy ever after with the new love. Relationships need work and compromise to succeed.

Although I did not find Temptation intellectually stimulating, the few last paragraphs made me think. The author writes:
... all stories are about crisis... And all narrative - all storytelling - confronts a basic truth. We need crisis: the anguish, the longing, the sense of possibility, the fear of failure, the pining for the life we imagine ourselves wanting, the despair for the life we have. Crisis somehow lets us believe that we are important; that everything isn’t just of the moment; that somehow, we can transcend insignificance. More than that, crisis make us realize that, like it or not, we are always shadowed by the Big Bad Wolf. The danger that lurks behind everything.

I do believe that crisis makes people grow.

But do you believe in the statement above? Does crisis really make us believe we are important? Can crisis make us believe we can transcend insignificance? Or does crisis make as weak and insignificant?

Please share with me :)

24 Aug 2010

My First Featured Post on Tell Me Something Good

I am super happy, because I am feature blogger on Tell Me Something Good. This blog is the collaboration of two bloggers Being Mrs. Jones and Ms. Understood, the blog is dedicated to women who want to chat about relationship, planning/pregnancy/parenting, fashion and beauty. But also current events topics. It is great to get together on that blog and chat.

Today I was lucky to get one of my posts published. I would love it if you could stop by and chat with us. The title of the HOT post is: It Is Fate or just a Fling. Just click and stop by ;)!


23 Aug 2010

# 8 - I Comment Therefore I Am: Bared or Secretive

I Comment Therefore I Am is hosted by Unknown Mami and consists putting together a list of comments you left on different blogs and then publish it as a post on your own blog.

Today I commented on Ms. Understood's blog. I am so into her blog and I can't cure myself from that :). Everytime she writes something it feels like she was reading my mind. Many of us get to the point in which we start to wonder if keeping a blog make any sense.

She wrote:

My blogging is the polar opposite of how I live my life. On here, I give it to you straight, no chaser. No smoke. No mirrors. "In real life," I keep my cards close to my chest. If you don't know, then you'll probably never know and don't need to know. That's me. But here, somehow, I bare it all. Maybe that dissonance has finally come to a head.

Are your words ever trapped in your head? How do you get them out? Do you ever wonder if you should keep on blogging?

I commented:

.... My blog turned out to be completely different from the title or from what I intended to write about. Ideas that I still have in mind but the chance has not come for me to write them.
Yes, the blog is about my journey to motherhood, but along that road things has happened that has made me wonder if I really wanted to share it on the blog. But then I just bared it there because things does not happen only to me and maybe people reading it can see things in different light.

So, all I want to say is: I was trapped until few weeks ago and I questioned if I really needed to blog again but I gave time to time and finally the love and passion I have for my blog came back. Having a blog is still a great outlet for my deep emotions. Feelings that can harm the soul if not let out. Feelings that might encourage other people to move on in life. Having the blog made me feel better when I needed some comfort and I could not get it from people because just like you in "real life" I keep my cards close to my chest.

How do you live your experience with blogging? Do you keep the bright life on this blog or do you bare yourself on your blog?

Please share with me.

22 Aug 2010

Sunday in London

I know it has been long and I really missed Sunday In My City posts hosted by Unknown Mami. But as the saying goes what does not kill you make you stronger. Yes, I am feeling very tough and I am happy about this new state of mind.

But lets get back to the mood of sharing our Sunday pics.

This week I would like to share two pictures of an Indu Wedding I attended few weeks ago. I love every weddings because their remind me of my own big day:) However, this one was super romantic and very meaningful. I never been to an Indu Wedding and I felt honoured to attend this one. I was marvelled by the whole ceremony and I wish I will go to many more. All the details mean something very symbolic and important for the bride and groom.

Walking Around The Holy Fire (FERA)

The Agni (fire) symbolises illumination of mind, happiness and knowledge. Ablations are been poured into the sacred fire. The spouses walk around the fire four times. At the start of each round a brother or male cousin of the bride places rice in her hands. Their participation symbolises their good wishes and lifelong support for their sister. Each time they walk around the fire they will stop and touch a stone with their toe. This symbolises the obstacles in life that they will overcome.

Each fero (round) has a specific significance of the marriage

1. Dharma: A promise to uphold the values and principles of the religion

2. Artha: A promise to employ material wealth in the righteous way

3. Kama: A promise to fulfil desire in accordance with Vedic scriptures

4. Moksha: A promise to strive for salvation

Life's Seven Steps (Sapta Padi)

The groom helps the bride touch seven betel nuts with her right toe and invoke the blessing of God to:

- nourish each other

- to grow together in strength

- to preserve wealth

- to share joy and sorrow

- to care for their children

- to be together forever and remain friends

- to protect each other and each other spiritual values

The meaning is very similar to a Christian Wedding but the way is performed is different. I hope this mean the same thing to you all.

God bless all couples. Happy Sunday to everyone :)!

Please stop by my post The Future New Camera... and gimme an advice on camera. Thanks!

20 Aug 2010

The Future New Camera...

We are looking to buy a new camera with SLR features. We've started our research but we still need more feedback. That is my photo-bloggers readers will be handy :). Many of you love taking photos and have wonderful cameras.

For instance Sonya @ Homecookingwithsonya confessed that she uses to take pretty closed up picture of butterflies on flowers is the Sony a230. The photos look so professional and neat.The internet reviews are generous.

I want to make a good purchase so the research will keep on going for a little bit more. So far I love the new Sony Nex-5, which is favoured for being the world smallest and lightest camera with DSLR lenses. I think it is great for Hubby and I because we want to take professional picture but without taking a heavy load with ourselves.But I also like Olympus E-PL1:

And also Panasonic Lumix:

There more cameras that I am day dreaming about but for now I would like to ask.

As a blogger who like to take photos or if your an enthusiastic photographer, which camera do you use? But also which camera would you like to have if money was no option?

Please share with me.

17 Aug 2010

On Strike...

From TTC. Image source.I lifted my feet up and drunk two glasses of white wine. During the week I ate loads of cheese burgers and chips. I did exactly what I decided to stop doing - be unhealthy. I want to behave like a bad babysitter and stop being goodie ;). Well, at least until I get the fat positive SiGN.

Hubby and I have been enjoying our intimacy; we are not just TTC. We are having a lot of fun, laughing... just being a young couple who cannot wait to become proud parents of a bebe. In the meantime we can wait for babies because once they are here, they are not going anywhere and the same applies to us.

I am chilling out and enjoying life.

If you are TTC, how do you cope with wait? How do you chill out if you are a parent?


10 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday in Scotland

I sat in the passenger seat while Hubby drove. The beautiful scenery outside the car called me to observe.

What did I see?
lakes and rivers:

And images that made me gap for a second and ask myself:
"what are they trying to say?"
Yes, I felt a little bit strange.

Back in the car we drove past broad valleys of tall grasses and swirling clouds.
The scenery out reminded me of films such as Braveheart and
The Highlander.

Then, I saw the bridge below and it reminded me of a scene from Harry Potter.

Do you know - the scene in which he had to drive to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, because he was late to catch the train?

Again, the pic below made me gasp for how beautiful and romantic Scotland can be. Just observe where the house is situated. And behind it the river is limpidly flowing down from the razor's-edge valley. It was just like a fairyland.

To arrive at our final location we had to walk 20mins; below is what we could see:

blue sky, green fields and so sheep.

I sat down to take a break. And take a shot of my boots and Ralph Lauren waterproof trousers. Okay, okay, you call me vain, ;)!

There were so many activities going on but the one I enjoyed most was abseiling. I was attached to a rope and I had to descend a rocky mountain.

Wow, me doing abseiling before my 30s? I am honoured :D!

From that height I could see vast hills, seas and the deep blue sky. I was on cloud 9.

On the fourth day we were offered a boat trip to one of the nearest isles.

On our way I saw a wild isle with a big cloud hovering over it.

A tiny rocky island.

A tiny isolated beach, where the Queen have pic-nic.ed before.

Finally, big cows and bulls looking at this city girl.

Strangely, she looked just like me :).

I laid down on the grass in my full hiking gear and felt asleep.
Yes, by the end of the week I was destroyed, after all I am a city girl.
As the saying goes - you can take a girl out of the city
but you cannot take the city life-style out of the girl, :).

This trip was adventurous. I walked so much that my back was soar when I got back to London. However I was more relaxed, mainly because we were cut off from the world. There were only 25 visitors on this isle. There was no supermarket. Most importantly, there was no television and mobile phone networks.

{We were at One with Nature}

Earth, fire, wind, and water were the elements we could see and feel.

The worries I had on the way there have disappeared and I felt a deep peace within.

On our way back I felt like turning the car back to where we just left. Another good sign was my flawless and sea breeze kissed skin. I was glowing with healthy looks.

For me, Scotland is a place which helps to rediscover the important things in life.

Have you ever been to a place which has made you realise that the important things in life do not involve material stuff?

Please share with me.


9 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday in Italy

I have mislocated my photos, so I will upload more pics once I find them. I am sorry about this :(!

How was my holiday in Italy?


I really liked going back to (insert place), Italy.

A place I call home because I have lived most of my life there. Also many important things in my life happened there. My hometown is composed of about 25.000 inhabitants. The place is situated in the North-East of the penisula and each angle is surrounded by hills . It is about 50 mins car drive from Verona and 1+ half hours from Venice.

Every time I go there family duties summon me. However, this time I was determined to enjoy a little bit. I wanted to visit places and go out with old friends. Did I manage to do some of these? Yes.

On my agenda I wanted to go visit Milano, Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Lake Garda and then go clubbing. Plus I wanted to go to the swimming pool at least two times.

To complete this busy agenda I did not want to waste time.

As soon as I arrived home, on Sunday 18-07 after lunch, I asked my brother to drive me and my sister-in-law (R) to the swimming pool. He tried to stop us by pointing out that the sky was grey. We did not give in. We won and without complaining he drove us to the nearest outdoor swimming pool - yes, women can be persuasive.

I wore my new bikini and a pair of pink RayBan glasses with transitions lenses. My hard achieved stomach was doing it charm ;).

I was ready for my days in Italy.

On our way to the pool, while my brother was driving, I took my time to observe the scene. I watched the hills and mountain that surround the beautiful town. I have driven down that road million times, but as many people tend to do, when you live in a place for so long, you forget to take your time and enjoy the beauty around you. Most of the times I focus on the negative aspect of life there, however I never forget the reasons I am still in love with this town. No matter how much pain, some of its inhabitants have caused me, I still call home because first love is hard to forget.

The sky was blue and the sun was shining - I was marvelled. I relaxed on my seat and breathed in the warm air. I felt the sensation going through my bones. The breeze from the window took me to heaven and back. I was in love with the landscape as never before.

At the pool, R and I enjoyed our time there. I was very happy and laughing. We swum and joked like two teenagers. Being there with my sister-in-law was wonderful. Two girls chilling by the pool side what did I want more. R could see that my mind was still connected to my Hubby and we exchanged text messages. I wrote “I am in the pool with R and I am enjoying the day.” He was travelling to the city where his conference was held.

To top up our wonderful time at the pool, in the evening R and I went to buy homemade Italian ice-cream. Yummy!

On the second day I crossed out going to Milan, Venice and Lake Garda. I had too much work to do for my family.

The third day I went to Vicenza. This city is just twenty minutes from my house. I have been to Vicenza many times before but never took time to look at the monuments and photograph them. The churches and sculptures are great examples of how human beings are special. It does not take a huge amount of time to walk through the labyrinth of the city. Every day life, tourists and the tourist citizen (me) were mingling and I loved it.

Around eleven I went to take the train - the train station is not very far from the centre - I wanted to go to Verona. It was a great plan because you can visit many small cities such as Padova, Verona, Mantova by doing day trip from my town.

It was nice going back to Verona. Apart from the fact that it is the city of Romeo and Juliet, it is the place in which I attended my high school. Yes, I was that lucky girl who had to study in the city of Romeo and Juliet - the most famous characters from one of Shakespeare’s best plays. I walked from Verona Porta Vescovo, which was the first stop before you reach Verona Porta Nuova. The latter stop is close to the centre and the shopping street Corso Mazzini. If you want to visit the Arena it is here that you have to stop. Walking through Corso Mazzini takes you to Juliet’s castle which is right in the heart of the city.

I have not watched the new Hollywood film, Letters to Juliet, but I believe it will just bring good memories to my mind. I loved going back to visit the roads I used to walk on to go to school. Hubby used to come and wait for me after school when we were still dating in 2001. Whilst there I thought about our time there and the photos we took sitting near the fountain.

The weather was excellent for the visit and I was with one of my friends, E. We bought ice-cream for the journey back home.

The following day I had to carry on with family duties. R advised me to hide next time I am in Italy from my family if I don't want to be asked to complete some family duties. On Friday, my friend N, her daughter and I went to the swimming pool. The little girl is a great swimmer but she is more interested in other sports. We swum and enjoyed being together as girls.

Saturday morning Hubby skyped and we talked. In the afternoon N brought her daughter for me to help her do the little girl's hair. At the end she was looking like a princess.

Sunday, although I was wishing I was in London near Hubby, I took the courage and went to the swimming pool with my girls. Talking and laughing took my mind off things. But not for long because these two were in the mood of talking about relationships and people who cheat. I was really hoping I was home, in London, hugging my Hubby instead of listing to them.

I was happy when the time came for me to take the plane. It was not going to be smooth because the plane was delayed. Thanks God I managed to get home save and safe the same night.

This time apart from looking at the familiar faces, I took my time to mentally take photos of the landscapes around me. This time many people were talking about how they saw me happy at my wedding. Many people, fondly, talked about our special wedding on 30th July 2005. For many it was the best party and day in the little town. A part from smiling at the memories of my special day through their eyes, I breathed in the mountains, the green cornfields and the rivers. I was in love with the town, more than anything and all because it contains the most memorable times of my life.


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