25 Aug 2010

Book 4 of 10 Books

I started this book before my holidays in July. I wanted to read it because from the title I knew the content was going to be obvious, plus as bought it for only 20pence (31cents) at my local library ;). Some of my friends were surprise to see me read such book - they know me for reading psychological and philosophical books. But after my degree I vowed to read some novels that would ease my mind and make me smile and not think.

As I predicted the story was easy to read.

Temptation is about a playwright, David Armitage, who is good but does not manage to break into the big Hollywood scene. He is married to a dedicated wife who financially supports the family (they have a little girl), while he is trying to write to succeed. In the meantime he works in a bookshop.

Fast forward.

Luck comes his way and the million dollar contract for a television series is signed. The tv production love him so much that the big moguls give him the position of in house editor for three series.

A female producer, Sally, wants to know him better... The rest is obvious. They begin the affair and after eight months his wife decides to kick him out of the family home and divorces him. They battle about their only kid, but he does not argue much. He wants his little girl to be happy and he pays Hollywood-like child support.

Armitage starts a new lonely life with Sally, the latter is determined to succeed in her career as executive something at the Fox. She neglets him. Deep down Armitage is not happy but life goes on. He is still popular. For feather luck a billionaire, Philip Fleck, who has always dreamt of becoming a famous screenwriter and director is convinced by his wife, Martha, that this David Armitage can be his main writer.

But guess what? Martha has always fancied Armitage. During a drunken night on her private island, she confesses her love for him. Her marriage is in crisis and she is thinking of leaving her husband who seems not to love her anymore. Armitage is attracted to her too. They kiss but nothing else happen because the voice of reason is working in him. He feels a little bit in love with her or maybe it the drunken state that is working in him.

Few months later he is accused of plagiarism. He loses everything - I mean everything a part from his agent who believes in him. He goes back to normal people's day job, guess where? In a bookshop :P. However, together with his agent, they try to clear his name but to no avail. Later on Armitage starts to wonder if Fleck is behind his downfall; because maybe somebody told Fleck about the kiss Armitage exchanged with his wife.

David contacts Fleck’s wife. He asks her for help and she does help him. Unknown to Armitage, Martha films a sex DVD with which she threaten her husband.
On their next meeting for business chat, Armitage confesses his love to her: " From the moment I woke up alone in the hotel room, you have not left my mind once." To which Martha replays: "Do you always act this way after sleeping with someone for the first time?"

Reading this part I thought, sure this guy is stupid. He throws himself at the first woman who likes him.

She also tells him that she is pregnant with her husband.

Once everything is resolved – oh yes, Armitage becomes the big thing again – she writes him a letter. She writes:
... I am here, in Chicago, with Philip. I am here because, in the first instance, he did as I asked – and from what I’ve read in the papers, your career seems more than somewhat back together again... I am also here because, quite simply, he begged me to stay. I’m certain that sounds absurd: Philip Fleck – Mr $20 Billion – begging anyone for anything... He pleaded with me to give him another chance. He said he couldn’t bear the idea of losing me and the child... you have taken up residence inside my head and won’t go away. Which is wonderful and sad... but there you go. Then again, I am a desperate romantic... married to unromantic. But say I had run off with you? A desperate romantic involved with an even more desperate romantic? No way. Especially since desperate romantics always pine for what they don’t have. But once they have it...? ... when the high drama ended... then what? Would we have stared at each other (as you said you sometimes stared at Sally) and wondered: what was the point?
I thought great somebody saying that running away with another person if a relationship is not going well is not always good idea. Running away from a marriage that you believe is finished does not mean you are going to be happy ever after with the new love. Relationships need work and compromise to succeed.

Although I did not find Temptation intellectually stimulating, the few last paragraphs made me think. The author writes:
... all stories are about crisis... And all narrative - all storytelling - confronts a basic truth. We need crisis: the anguish, the longing, the sense of possibility, the fear of failure, the pining for the life we imagine ourselves wanting, the despair for the life we have. Crisis somehow lets us believe that we are important; that everything isn’t just of the moment; that somehow, we can transcend insignificance. More than that, crisis make us realize that, like it or not, we are always shadowed by the Big Bad Wolf. The danger that lurks behind everything.

I do believe that crisis makes people grow.

But do you believe in the statement above? Does crisis really make us believe we are important? Can crisis make us believe we can transcend insignificance? Or does crisis make as weak and insignificant?

Please share with me :)


  1. juicy novel! sometimes I like to curl up with a soapy book just fir the entertainment value. I believe crisis is a necessary part of the human experience and how we react to it defines us. some of us will grow stronger, but some of us will get weaker. tfs!

  2. I think that being in a crisis can both empower you and make you feel weak at the same time. But it's how you handle the crisis that truly matters.

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