17 Aug 2010

On Strike...

From TTC. Image source.I lifted my feet up and drunk two glasses of white wine. During the week I ate loads of cheese burgers and chips. I did exactly what I decided to stop doing - be unhealthy. I want to behave like a bad babysitter and stop being goodie ;). Well, at least until I get the fat positive SiGN.

Hubby and I have been enjoying our intimacy; we are not just TTC. We are having a lot of fun, laughing... just being a young couple who cannot wait to become proud parents of a bebe. In the meantime we can wait for babies because once they are here, they are not going anywhere and the same applies to us.

I am chilling out and enjoying life.

If you are TTC, how do you cope with wait? How do you chill out if you are a parent?



  1. well i'm 5dpo, cd28 and I have to admit...it is annoying how many times the whole oo my period's not here yet thought pops into my head.. we too have been enjoying not sttressing about procreating..it is about spending time together.

  2. You are so right Princess Poet.

  3. What's been really making me anxious is the unknown. My cycle is VERY regular. I only ovulate on one of two days in my cycle (cd 16 or cd 17). My husband and I will start trying in a few months. My worry is what is all this preparation I've done is all for nothing because what if something is wrong on his side. There is no preparing for that. Then there is the financial aftermath, but we're trying to prepare for that too. It's such a big life change. I'll just have to see what happens.

  4. I do understand you Ms. U, it is the unknown that make it more tedious. In few days I will know but this time I am not checking my O calendar :).

    Plus we will be at a wedding in Amsterdam; the more to make the mind of it the better ;)

  5. I'm glad you are giving it time. Unexpectedly a baby will come and you will just be the happiest person ever!!

    As a parent, like you said, they're not going anywhere so I enjoy every moment with my kiddo, but if once in a while I need some "me " time I'll make arrangemnts and head out to a girl's night out, or head to a Starbucks to read. =)

    PS. Thank you so much for the award! & Congrats to you for getting it as well. I couldn't leave a comment on that post which is why I didn't claim it before. I don't see the post a comment link.

    Thank you!

  6. Hi, new follower!

    Chilling out as a parent...we give each other high five's in passing down the hallway. :) Enjoy your alone time.


  7. Sounds like taking a bit of a break is a good thing :) A glass of wine can help so much with stress!

  8. Personal time is essential. I know from experience too! :-)

    Stopping by from a blog hop to say hello, and I enjoyed my visit. I'll be back to visit again soon. I'm your newest follower!


  9. I'm following you now thanks to Friday's blog hop!

  10. I would so totally do the same thing when I was trying. There will be plenty of time for the rest. Fingers crossed for you.

    Newest follower here from the Friday Follows. Hope you'll swing by and return the favor. Can't wait to come back here again. Have a great weekend.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  11. Stopping by from SITS.

    Best of luck in your attempts to become parents. The best advice I have is to relax. Stress just makes it tougher to conceive. Tough to do though, I know.


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