9 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday in Italy

I have mislocated my photos, so I will upload more pics once I find them. I am sorry about this :(!

How was my holiday in Italy?


I really liked going back to (insert place), Italy.

A place I call home because I have lived most of my life there. Also many important things in my life happened there. My hometown is composed of about 25.000 inhabitants. The place is situated in the North-East of the penisula and each angle is surrounded by hills . It is about 50 mins car drive from Verona and 1+ half hours from Venice.

Every time I go there family duties summon me. However, this time I was determined to enjoy a little bit. I wanted to visit places and go out with old friends. Did I manage to do some of these? Yes.

On my agenda I wanted to go visit Milano, Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Lake Garda and then go clubbing. Plus I wanted to go to the swimming pool at least two times.

To complete this busy agenda I did not want to waste time.

As soon as I arrived home, on Sunday 18-07 after lunch, I asked my brother to drive me and my sister-in-law (R) to the swimming pool. He tried to stop us by pointing out that the sky was grey. We did not give in. We won and without complaining he drove us to the nearest outdoor swimming pool - yes, women can be persuasive.

I wore my new bikini and a pair of pink RayBan glasses with transitions lenses. My hard achieved stomach was doing it charm ;).

I was ready for my days in Italy.

On our way to the pool, while my brother was driving, I took my time to observe the scene. I watched the hills and mountain that surround the beautiful town. I have driven down that road million times, but as many people tend to do, when you live in a place for so long, you forget to take your time and enjoy the beauty around you. Most of the times I focus on the negative aspect of life there, however I never forget the reasons I am still in love with this town. No matter how much pain, some of its inhabitants have caused me, I still call home because first love is hard to forget.

The sky was blue and the sun was shining - I was marvelled. I relaxed on my seat and breathed in the warm air. I felt the sensation going through my bones. The breeze from the window took me to heaven and back. I was in love with the landscape as never before.

At the pool, R and I enjoyed our time there. I was very happy and laughing. We swum and joked like two teenagers. Being there with my sister-in-law was wonderful. Two girls chilling by the pool side what did I want more. R could see that my mind was still connected to my Hubby and we exchanged text messages. I wrote “I am in the pool with R and I am enjoying the day.” He was travelling to the city where his conference was held.

To top up our wonderful time at the pool, in the evening R and I went to buy homemade Italian ice-cream. Yummy!

On the second day I crossed out going to Milan, Venice and Lake Garda. I had too much work to do for my family.

The third day I went to Vicenza. This city is just twenty minutes from my house. I have been to Vicenza many times before but never took time to look at the monuments and photograph them. The churches and sculptures are great examples of how human beings are special. It does not take a huge amount of time to walk through the labyrinth of the city. Every day life, tourists and the tourist citizen (me) were mingling and I loved it.

Around eleven I went to take the train - the train station is not very far from the centre - I wanted to go to Verona. It was a great plan because you can visit many small cities such as Padova, Verona, Mantova by doing day trip from my town.

It was nice going back to Verona. Apart from the fact that it is the city of Romeo and Juliet, it is the place in which I attended my high school. Yes, I was that lucky girl who had to study in the city of Romeo and Juliet - the most famous characters from one of Shakespeare’s best plays. I walked from Verona Porta Vescovo, which was the first stop before you reach Verona Porta Nuova. The latter stop is close to the centre and the shopping street Corso Mazzini. If you want to visit the Arena it is here that you have to stop. Walking through Corso Mazzini takes you to Juliet’s castle which is right in the heart of the city.

I have not watched the new Hollywood film, Letters to Juliet, but I believe it will just bring good memories to my mind. I loved going back to visit the roads I used to walk on to go to school. Hubby used to come and wait for me after school when we were still dating in 2001. Whilst there I thought about our time there and the photos we took sitting near the fountain.

The weather was excellent for the visit and I was with one of my friends, E. We bought ice-cream for the journey back home.

The following day I had to carry on with family duties. R advised me to hide next time I am in Italy from my family if I don't want to be asked to complete some family duties. On Friday, my friend N, her daughter and I went to the swimming pool. The little girl is a great swimmer but she is more interested in other sports. We swum and enjoyed being together as girls.

Saturday morning Hubby skyped and we talked. In the afternoon N brought her daughter for me to help her do the little girl's hair. At the end she was looking like a princess.

Sunday, although I was wishing I was in London near Hubby, I took the courage and went to the swimming pool with my girls. Talking and laughing took my mind off things. But not for long because these two were in the mood of talking about relationships and people who cheat. I was really hoping I was home, in London, hugging my Hubby instead of listing to them.

I was happy when the time came for me to take the plane. It was not going to be smooth because the plane was delayed. Thanks God I managed to get home save and safe the same night.

This time apart from looking at the familiar faces, I took my time to mentally take photos of the landscapes around me. This time many people were talking about how they saw me happy at my wedding. Many people, fondly, talked about our special wedding on 30th July 2005. For many it was the best party and day in the little town. A part from smiling at the memories of my special day through their eyes, I breathed in the mountains, the green cornfields and the rivers. I was in love with the town, more than anything and all because it contains the most memorable times of my life.



  1. Hi!
    I loved reading about your adventures in Italy! I seriously need to travel there one day.

    I am stopping over from SITS, I am your newest follower!

  2. Your trip sounds lovely! Especially, that you got to visit loved places and be with family. I grew up in Hawaii and haven't been back in awhile - but the last time that I did I noticed, like you, a lot of beauty that I took for granted - "not" seeing it everyday.

  3. It must have been nice growing in such a beautiful place like Italy. Can't wait to travel there one day.

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave some encouragement, I appreciate it!

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful Beautiful. I ahve always wanted to go to Italy. My husband's father's side is italian so I have been searching to connect with family back there so we have an excuse to go!! Enjoy your trip!

  6. It looks beautiful and I am so jealous! I would love a trip like that!

  7. I am so looking forward to visiting Italy next year.

  8. Thank you for the comment you posted on my blog the other day! I in fact have been to Italy...but my 3 week stay just wasn't enough! My heart not only longs to return, but also live there half a year! Ohhh how I wish! Dreams do come true, right? I visited Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Sienna and Venice. I plan to return next year with my husband and venture to Rome, Naples, Cinque Terre...and the venture over to Greece!
    I hope you post more pictures of your time in Italy! : )


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